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What is better, living on- or off-campus?


It can be daunting to move to university. You may be moving to a university for the first time. For some, it might be their first time living away from home. You’re already juggling a lot of things, and you wonder if it’s best to live off or on campus. We’re happy to explain the differences between these two options. We outline the pros and cons for each option in the blog below and paint a picture about what life could be like.

The Pros and Cons Of Living On Campus



There is no commute when you are living on campus. You’re in the middle of everything, from the library and student bar to the campus. This is also a great way to reduce travel costs.

Your social life is at your fingertips if you live on campus. Your fellow students and you are in the same boat, so there is plenty of opportunity to make new friends and meet many people. It’s easy to study, cook and have fun together in this environment. You can ask neighbors for a few potatoes or homework help – most likely you will receive what asked! Or point you to the closest store or

The Security of Your Own Home
Accommodation blocks on campus are usually very secure. Often, the staff of the building monitors the CCTV cameras installed in the buildings. Many Halls buildings have a 24-hour reception desk to keep an eye on visitors.
You won’t need to worry about any extra bills when you live in a dormitory. Rent includes everything.

Some student accommodations offer student meals. It is a great way to meet people and it also takes away the stress of having to do a grocery shop and cook for yourself.

You can also find out more about Cons

It’s important to consider whether the cost of living on campus will be cheaper than renting a private apartment. The quality is also not always as high as it is in a private rental.

Where is your social life or part-time work? You might have to walk long distances or pay for expensive commutes if you don’t want to live near where you are most of the time.

You may find it difficult to switch off when you are constantly surrounded by people from your course and feel claustrophobic.

Do you truly experience the city?
If you are on campus, do you get to experience the city you chose to attend university in?

The pros and cons of living off campus


Increase your independence
You can roam freely when you live off campus. You have the freedom to choose where to live and explore the city in which you study. You have more flexibility and freedom, especially when it comes to meal times and inviting visitors.

Off campus, you can often find cheaper accommodation than on campus. Most private halls, and even landlords will include the bills in their rent. This makes budgeting much easier.

It can be beneficial to study off-campus as there are fewer distractions.

Living off campus offers you more privacy than halls, depending on whether or not you live with other students.

You can choose your roommates, whether they are from the same year group or a different university.

You can also find out more about Cons

You need to find a way to attend lectures if you live off-campus. You may not need to be on campus very often.

Dealing with “stuff”
Renting privately is more administratively intensive. This will be easier if you rent a private hall.

Leases for a year
Remember to be cautious about year-long contracts. Rent can be costly if your contract begins in June. You may be at home during the summer or on vacation. Private halls tend to offer shorter leases.

How to make a decision

Asking for advice is a good idea because it can be a difficult decision. You can ask friends and family members who have attended university what they think. There are also student-run forums on the internet.

Why not visit the different accommodation options? The new Scape student accommodation in Leeds will be ready for students starting their studies in September 2024.

Write down your own list of pros and cons. Compare all the costs involved with your budget.

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