What is dhul Hijjah? And how important is it for Islam?

dhul Hijjah

You’re probably familiar with the Muslim holy month Ramadan. But what about dhul Hijjah? Dhul hijjah, a month of Islam, is immediately after Ramadan and prior to the Eid ul-Adha celebration. Muslims should make this a time to thank Allah for His commands, such as fasting and extra prayers. This article will discuss why dhul hijjah in Islam is so important and how it differs to other months.

Dhul Hijjah refers to the month of fasting, prayer and worship. It is one the four holy months of Islam: Muharram, Rajab Shaban, Shaban, and Dhul Hijjah. This month is believed to be blessed by Allah. We will be starting this year on September 12th and ending October 11th. Because they include the time pilgrims converge on Mecca to perform their Hajj pilgrimage rites, the last ten days are known as “the Great Days” (A’yaam Ul Hajj). These days are when Muslims ask Allah (SWT) for forgiveness, repent of their sins, and renew their commitment to Him through a solemn vow or covenant (bay’ah).

The 9th and last month in the Islamic calendar is the month of dhul Hijjah. It begins on Monday 28 September, and ends on Thursday 1, October this year. It is one the three holy months that are blessed by Allah (God). Muslims all over the world perform a variety of rituals during Ramadan. They will fast daily from dawn until dusk and perform additional prayers called taraweeh, which can be done at any hour of the night, including late evening, early morning or overnight. Muslims must also fast until Eid ul-Adhaa, an important religious holiday in which a goat or sheep is sacrificed, has been observed.

Dhul hijjah refers to the final month of the Islamic lunar year. This month is very important for Muslims as it marks the start of Hajj, which is one of Islam’s five main pillars. Dhul hijjah is a 29-30 day period that ends with Eid al Adha on the 10th of November 2016. (10th Dhu al Hijjah). This blog post will discuss what dhul Hijjah is in Islam, and the importance it holds in Islamic culture. It will also cover world events this year.

Dhul hijjah is also known as “month of Hajj” and falls on the 10th of the Islamic calendar. This month marks the beginning of a new year in Islam and has religious significance as it is one of two months that Allah considers sacred. Ramadan is the other. Many Muslims will fast during daylight hours and pray at night in this month. This blog will explain what dhul hijjah means and its importance for followers of Islam.

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