What Is Forestry Clearing?

Are you looking for a simple and straightforward method for clearing your land? Are you looking for a clearing method that doesn’t impact the landscape or cause erosion?

If so, you need to look into forestry clearing. Forestry clearing is a process that helps you get rid of overgrown woodland in a quick and efficient manner.

If done right, forestry clearing is an easy solution to an otherwise tedious and frustrating process. Read this forestry clearing guide to learn about the process and its benefits.

Forestry Clearing Explained 

Forestry clearing, also known as forestry mulching, is an efficient method for removing vegetation remnants after completing a land clearing project.

Rather than hauling away fallen trees and branches, the trees, brush, and grass are turned into mulch on the spot. Forestry clearing is typically done to:

  • Clear and manage vegetation in a wooded area
  • Restore wildlife health
  • Control the spread of invasive species.

Forestry clearing converts leftover vegetation into a natural, environmentally-friendly top layer for covering the soil. Additionally, the clearing process eliminates the need for multiple machines, such as tree shears, excavators, bulldozers, and wood chippers.

Instead, a single machine cuts, grinds and clears vegetation and leaves behind a shredded blanket of mulch. The mulch layer makes the soil richer and more fertile, and it also serves as a protective barrier, preventing erosion and encouraging native plant growth.

What Machinery Is Needed for Forestry Clearing? 

As we mentioned, forestry clearing only requires the use of a single machine called a mulcher. These are high-grade machines that can clear:

  • Expansive land plots
  • Construction sites
  • Places with thick brush and heavy foliage

There are different mulchers available for different situations. The main kinds of mulchers include:

  • Commercial Mulchers: These are used for construction sites and clearing land for new construction.
  • Lawn Tractor Mulchers: These are pulled behind tractors and typically used for lawn mowing.
  • Freestanding Mulchers: These are plastic, portable mulcher units.
  • Dual-Purpose Mulcher: These mulchers come with built-in chippers or shredders.

Benefits of Forestry Clearing 

Forestry clearing is an environmentally-friendly process that’s quick and affordable. The one-step process eliminates the need for multiple machines and the need to undergo different land clearing steps such as cutting, felling, and hauling. Because fewer machines are needed, less manual labor is involved, making the price easier on your pocketbook.

Another great thing about forestry clearing is that it can be performed on any type of terrain in any weather. It doesn’t matter whether it’s hot or cold or wet or dry. With the right machinery, you can complete the process on even the toughest of terrains.

Forestry clearing can also help reduce the tick population, and it doesn’t require any formal permits or permissions due to it being a light style of land clearing.

Forestry Clearing: Are You Ready? 

Now that you know about the benefits of forestry clearing, it’s time to begin the process on your land. After selecting the right machinery, you’ll be ready to go.

Check back in with our blog to learn more about forestry clearing.

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