What Is Minimalist Jewelry, And How Do You Style It?

Minimalist jewelry is perfect for people who want to create an elegant look and add style to their appearance using subtle jewelry pieces.

If you’ve heard of naked or barely-there jewelry, then we’re talking about minimalist jewelry that blends smoothly into your attire without being loud. Here’s how to style minimalist jewelry that is simply dainty, flirty, and ageless.

Improve Your Favorite Looks

Minimalist jewelry can improve the appeal of your existing look when you add them to an existing fashion piece.

When you add a simple gold bracelet or bar necklace, you can look classier. You can even layer minimalist pieces to create a textured look that is effortlessly beautiful, whether you are having a day at work or a night out.

Here are some minimalist jewelry pieces you can style and add to your look to make you stand out beautifully.

  1. Chain Necklaces

You can’t talk about minimalist jewelry without chain necklaces. They are simple and beautiful, and you can pair them with anything, or even create a layered look with them.

Here are some minimalist necklaces to combine with your next look.

  • Bar necklaces 

Bar necklaces comprise simple bar-shaped pendants connected to a slim gold chain. Bar necklaces are unassuming and can be layered without causing a distraction.

You can even engrave whatever you want on bar necklaces and make it a unique piece for you.

  • Celestial jewelry

Many people love celestial jewelry. Whether it is crescent moon necklaces or jewelry with the moon, sun, and stars, celestial jewels are really special. The best Celestial Jewelry pieces to consider are Star necklaces, Moon Necklace, Sun Necklace, Star Necklace, Moonstone Necklace, and Moon Sun Star Necklaces.

  • Simple chain necklaces 

If you love necklaces without pendants, then simple chain necklaces are perfect for you. You can easily layer a chain necklace to achieve better versatility. If you want a more rounded look, add stud earrings to your ensemble.

  • Small pendant necklaces

Small pendant necklaces are a perfect minimalist piece because they are not loud, but they call attention subtly.

You can purchase oval or heart-shaped necklaces that can be added to a simple chain to make it classic. You can even engrave your small pendant to make it extra special.

  1. Solid Gold Bracelets

You can add solid gold bracelets to your minimalist jewelry collection just as you would add the solid gold and simple chain necklaces or a simple and subtle pearl or pendant.

A solid gold bracelet can draw attention to your hands, just like a choker would draw eyes to your neck.

You can even accentuate your gold bracelets with rings and other minimalistic pieces. Explore solid gold bracelets that come in geometric shapes for a modern look to your minimalist jewelry.

  1. Solid Gold Rings

Solid gold rings are great for a minimalistic jewelry collection. Solid gold rings bands and other kinds of rings are simple, but can still draw attention to your hands.

You can even pair a solid gold ring with a geometric-shaped bracelet or a solid one.

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