What Is The Best Kind Of Video Poker Game?

Video poker is classified as one of the special casino games that offer decent odds and are quite worth the hassle for a little quick cash.

Compared to slot games in which the odds of winning are made known only to the developer and the casino, there is a level of transparency that allows you to actually calculate your chances of beating the house in video poker. You are also given the opportunity to work on your own strategy for the game you play, thereby having maximum control over your winnings.

Now, considering what kind of video poker is best to play is based on various factors, one of which is the odds made available. When it comes to classifying video poker games based on odds, double bonus poker is seen as the best video poker game to consider. Generally, the odds generated are pretty high that you will definitely get paid to play.

Another amazing choice to select is the Jack or Better, due to its popularity among gamblers and an outstanding balance of house edge and payout. Basically, all video poker games are known to have very transparent odds, meaning that punters get to calculate the chances of you overcoming the house edge and winning.

Calculating the Odds and Finding the Best Kind of Video Poker Game

Video poker is also the same as every other poker game as it makes use of the same 52-card decks. This simply means that you have 1 in 52 chances of getting any particular card, 1 in 4 chances of getting any particular suit, and 1 in 13 chances of getting any particular number.

These are the base odds available in most games so if you want to learn how to play and win video poker you should follow them. If you know the chances that you have of getting a certain card, you can then go ahead and use it in calculating a video poker game’s expected return.

When looking for the best video kind of video poker game, checking out the variation in the paytable is quite important, as games that offer a payback percentage of 99% and above are considered to be one of the best kinds of video poker. Selecting a game with a lower payback percentage might not really be worth the stress of playing. Now, let’s take a look at some of these various video poker variants to select when looking at the best kind of video poker to consider.

●     Jack or Better

This specific variant of video poker does not necessarily have the best odds, but it is mostly made available in various casinos. Before actually playing Jack or Better, it is quite essential to check out one that has a 9/6 paytable to offer. The approximate payback percentage for the Jack or Better video poker game shoots up to about 99.54%, which is definitely much better than the odds of professional blackjack players.

Playing this game is absolutely easy and straightforward, as it is common to the usual 5 card draw. You would be given five cards, and then you get to choose the card you want to stay on. Then rank the hand by making use of the poker ranking. The payout given is dependent on the rank, with pairs considered to be the lowest-paying hand and the flush with a payout of 800 to 1.

●     Bonus Poker

Looking at the bonus poker might seem exactly like Jack or Better, as there is only a slight difference between them. When looking through Jack or Better, there is an equal payout when you complete a 4-of-a-kind; without minding the cards, while in Bonus Poker, the payout depends majorly on the rank.

Bonus poker offers a payback percentage of about 99.17%, as the game is very volatile and your chances of winning change frequently. However, it is known that any video poker game offering a payback percentage of more than 99% will always be considered as one of the highest-paying games in most casinos.

  • Deuces Wild

When it comes to deuce wild, there is a very distinct variation between Jack or Better and deuce wild. The 2s in the card deck are considered to be wild cards and can be used in place of any other card you need in order to complete a hand. As a result of this variation, the dynamics of the game was changed, making the lowest paying hand in deuces wild 3 of a kind, and the royal flush still remains constant as the highest see hand, with 800 to 1 in a five-coin game.

When compared to Jack or Better, the payback percentage is quite higher which is at 99.73%. However, the probability of seeing this game is really slim, making it one of the best paying games to consider.


The variation in video poker games has made the games really different from each other, ranging from the ones with low payback percentages and large payouts to others that have great odds with small payouts, as having the best odds does not guarantee you the biggest win. Therefore, selecting the best kind of video poker game is quite simple, as you just have to go for the one that seems best for you.

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