What is the best MPC for a beginner? Complete Guide

What is the best MPC for a beginner? Complete Guide

Music and history:

Music and soul have a deep connection. It is believed that music is the best therapy for the abandoned soul. Music is a major part of history since the emergence of mankind. It was discovered about forty thousand years ago. Music is words full of emotions and feelings. It leaves a soothing effect on our bodies.

Human beings from their emergence are listening and creating music. At that time, music was simple and calm. Simple instruments were used to generate music and tunes. But with time music world has seen a massive change and success. Now we can generate the sound of any frequency and pitch according to our will.

Music Players and Software:

In the past, the music generation was a big deal and this problem was further augmented due to the lack of devices to record that music. Due to this reason, we have no records of music in the past. There were live shows and musicians had to perform a live concert to entertain their people.

But after the discovery of computers, cameras, and tape recorders, the music industry has revolutionized to an extreme extent. Now we can record songs, edit them and can listen to them whenever we want. Also, the quality of music is improved to a great extent due to Music Expansions.


After the invention of tape recorders, musicians, directors, and producers had to set up a set of musical instruments along with their technicians to record that song. A single mistake in any of the multiple instruments results in a distorted sound which would be of no use. So director had to do multiple retakes to produce that music.

But this problem was solved after the invention of Music Production Center Expansions. These are assisting software that helps you to record, edit and create music without any headache and hard work. Even the quality of music is thousand of times better than a live recording.

Why MPC Expansions?

As explained earlier MPC Expansions have reduced hard work and increased the quality of music. These expansions have completely changed the music industry. Some of the reasons to use these expansions are listed below:

  • It consumes lesser time than a live recording system.
  • Most of the MPC Expansions are Royalty-free. Some require subscriptions while the majority are free to use.
  • The quality of music is much better than other systems.

How to choose an MPC EXPANSION for beginners?

There are a lot of things you have to notice before choosing something important. So before you choose the best MPC software, you have to focus on the following aspects of that expansion:


The more the specifications, the better it is. If you want a good quality of music, your MPC Expansion should be futuristic.


Normally, there are two types of Expansions: Plugin and Sample Expansions. Plugin expansions have pre-installed features while sample expansions have setups and you have to install all its features separately.

Best MPC For Beginners:

As we have explained to you the criteria for choosing the best MPC Expansion, so now we will explain to you some of the best expansions for beginners fulfilling the above criteria:

  • Akai MPC Expansion:

It is the best expansion having all the features needed by any musician. You can alter pitch, velocity, frequency, and anything you want using Akai MPC EXPANSION. It has a 10.1-inch display and outstanding features like a 16 MPC Pad and transport control. It is the most recommended expansion for beginners.

  • Decap-Drums That Knock:

An American-based expansion pack is considered best for beginners because of its user-friendly interface. Its highlighting feature is its creative skills as it never recycles music. You can also get MPC Drum Kits here:

  • Maschine MK3 Drum Controller:

It was launched by Native Instrument Company and is again popular due to its simple design and interface. Although simple, it has all the features that a professional musician wants. It has a multi-colored pad allowing the user to create new music directly from his heart.

  • New Jack Throwback:

If you are a beginner and a classical type of person, this expansion pack is best for you. It has all the sounds from the ‘90s. It will give you nostalgic vibes.

Our Verdict:

As a beginner, you should go with the above expansion packs as these are easy to use and have all the effects and features that anyone can need. MPC Expansion packs are the future of modern music. You can generate music of your kind by simply tapping the pads of the MK3 Drum Controller. The sound produces is of perfect kind and quality. You can alter any sound effect using these expansion packs.

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