What Is the Disney Vacation Club? A Quick Introduction

What Is the Disney Vacation Club

Are you a die-hard Disney fan and wish to take your family to different Disney resorts? If so, then a membership to the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) is exactly what you need.

The DVC is a program from The Walt Disney Company that gives members “ownership” of different resorts under the Disney umbrella. As a member, you can make reservations in any of these locations every year.

Since its introduction in 1991, DVC membership grew steadily. Today, it boasts about 220,000 member families. You may ask “what is the magic behind DVC that continuously attracts new patrons?”

Continue reading below for an introduction to becoming a Disney Vacation Club member.

The Dynamics of a Disney Vacation Club Membership

What is the Disney Vacation Club and how does it work? It is a vacation timeshare program that features a points-based system. Hence, it is not like the fixed-week structures other traditional timeshare models use.

Once you become a member, Disney allows you to buy a contract of points. In turn, you can use these in various Disney vacation forms. However, one of the primary advantages of a DVC membership is flexibility.

Traditional timeshare programs offer limited or finite time to enjoy the annual benefits. On the other hand, a DVC membership allows customization. You can customize your point allocation depending on your family’s preferences. Learn more about timeshare ownership and how does timeshare cancellation work.

The Point System Game

Understanding the point system is the key to maximizing your DVC membership. To become a member, you must buy a specific number of points. Once bought, you can use these points at any time.

A member begins with a minimum of 125 points. You can use these points for a certain number of years. Moreover, Disney will replenish the points every year for the next five decades.

Since we mentioned the flexibility of a DVC membership, you can add your total points. In turn, this will unlock more benefits to enjoy during your stay.

Disney lets you buy the points directly via the DVC website. From there, you will see the breakdown of the Disney Vacation Club price range for each resort. The website will give you a better idea of the number of points necessary to enjoy specific resorts.

Since families have different vacation goals, DVC can give personalized quotes. It allows you to review the number of points necessary to meet your family’s vacation targets. It will also keep you from overspending.

What if you cannot afford the current membership offerings from the DVC website? Going to the DVC Shop Resales is your best bet. The website offers affordable alternatives for families that can’t afford DVC memberships at the moment.

They offer DVC points at affordable prices. It’s also perfect for those who wish to buy more points.

How to Use Your Points

After securing a DVC membership, you can start using your points. DVC offers three ways to spend your points. They have the Concierge Collection, the Disney Collection, and the World Collection – RC Resorts.

Using your points on the Concierge Collection lets you enjoy accommodations like the Fairmont Hotels in Chicago. If you wish to fly to Europe, use your points at the Royal Garden in London, England.

As for the Disney Collection, it gives you access to the key resorts inside Walt Disney World. It includes the Wilderness Lodge. If you want to stay in Disneyland, use your points at the Grand Californian.

If you choose the World Collection – RCI Resorts, you will have access to some of the finest resorts in different countries. These include Spain, Portugal, and Indonesia.

These are only a few of the many options to consider as a DVC member.

The Advantage of Becoming a DVC Member

Aside from a plethora of Disney Vacation Club rentals, you also enjoy nicer rooms compared to non-member guests. You can use the DVC Villas, which offer more amenities than standard rooms.

For example, accommodation in Disney World comes in three categories. You can go for “Value,” “Moderate,” or “Deluxe.” Incidentally, the DVC Villas belong to the Deluxe category.

Your membership lets you enjoy different swimming pools inside Disney World. It means you don’t need to get accommodations in a different resort to enjoy its swimming pools.

The Club also offers arrangement services for DVC members. They help plan and arrange your flights, car rentals, and any room requests. It’s helpful if you want to avoid the hassle of transportation preparations.

Moreover, they offer grocery services in case you wish to stay in your room after a long and tiring day. They can get you the necessary food items and deliver them directly to your room. It’s convenient, affordable, and especially useful in keeping your vacation spirits alive.

The Room Options

Last but not least are the room options. You can use your DVC points to get any room within the Disney resorts. Some Studios can accommodate a family of five. There are 1, 2, and 3-bedroom units if you want something bigger.

For something more affordable, the Copper Creek Villas & Cabins is an excellent option. If you want a bungalow-style setup, the Polynesian Village Resort is the place to be.

Other economical options include the Grand Floridan Villas and the Bay Lake Tower. In case you change your mind in the middle of your stay, use your points anytime to upgrade to a bigger room. Expect the DVC management to follow health protocols for your safety.

Expand Your Vacation Options Now!

With a Disney Vacation Club membership, you can take your family to different Disney resorts in various locations worldwide. You can also enjoy more features and amenities that non-members cannot. If you want to give your family vacation outside of Disney’s offers, there are plenty of options to consider.

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