What Is The Legal Limit For DWI Charges In Missouri

Wandering if you could hit the highways in the state of Missouri? Are you aware of the laws and regulations on alcohol consumption?

The Highways Cops and authorities have set certain standards and guidelines for you when you are driving on the highways. In addition, they follow a particular mechanism to test your limits of Alcohol consumption. This is called BAC or Blood Alcohol Concentration.

Using this method, the police go on to catch the suspected drunk. However, certain guidelines, laws, and regulations govern the legal limits for a DWI charge.

If you want to be an aware citizen, you must have a comprehensive idea of the legal alcohol limit. Therefore let’s form an idea of the legal limits for DWI charges in Missouri.

Missouri Drunk Driving Statistics 

The authorities in charge of Highway Traffic are worried due to traffic-related fatalities. Some statistics and data will put things clearly:

  1. Around 210% of the Traffic-related fatalities are attributed to drunk driving.
  2. Around 70.2 % of car accident cases involve drivers whose DWI Levels are as high as 0.15!
  3. Around 103 below the age of 18 were arrested for driving under the Influence in the same period. Oh, this uncontrollable adolescence!
  1. According to figures, around 108 teens under the age of 18 were arrested for driving under intoxication. The figures have increased since then!


See, you need to become a dutiful and obedient citizen. It’s a requisite to be a democratic Denizen. So, first, you need to form a solid idea regarding the penalties. You know, penalties strike you first!

Missouri DWI Penalties are based on different circumstances. The situation’s intensity is also one more element of the entire discussion. One more thing is extremely important. This is the number of prior convictions that the offender has and the severity of the DWI.

If you are accused of DWI for the first time, it will be considered 1st offense. You might be jailed for up to six months. Along with Jail, you are to be fined up to $1000. So make sure that you don’t allow it to cross the first offense and know the legal alcohol limit Missouri.

Now, if you are caught and convicted for the second time, you might be jailed for up to 1 year. Along with this, you could be fined up to $ 2000.

Now, this is hard indeed. And finally, for the third 3rd offense, you will be Jailed up to four years coupled with $10000.

And not only this, you might face revocation of 10 years, and believe us, but that’s also massive indeed. Therefore you should be alert and try to avoid penalties.

What Is The Legal Limit In Missouri?

The mechanism that is followed by the authorities to identify drunk drinking is BAC. This is an abbreviated form. BAC is represented in the percentage of alcohol in the blood.

If your BAC is 0.10, it means 10% of the person’s blood volume is alcohol. Under this circumstance, it will be extremely difficult for you to control your driving skills.

If you are aged over 21 years, the percentile limit of intoxication in Missouri is 0.08. To be precise and pinpointed, when the percentage of alcohol to blood volume exceeds 8%, you are going to be penalized by law. This rule applies to the above 21 non-commercial drivers.

If you are above 21 and operate a tractor-trailer, 18-wheelers, and even school buses, the standards are way tough!. This time, the percentage volume of blood alcohol concentration is 0.04 or greater denotes that you come under the ring of punishment.

Now, this is the final group on the list. This group comprises drivers who are aged under 21. Drivers under the age of 21 are rendered drunk when their blood alcohol concentration is 0.02 or greater.

So this is all about the nitty-gritty of the legal alcohol limit Missouri, remember!

What you need at this point in time are awareness and thorough knowledge. If you possess thorough knowledge and awareness, there is less chance of you getting convicted.


To conclude, it could be said that DWI conviction cases are increasing in leaps and bounds! Yet, notwithstanding the application of stringent laws and regulations, nothing constructive seems to be happening. That is why one needs to know and understand the laws and regulations.

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