What is the most popular gift with HTVRONT to give on Christmas in 2022?

Christmas should be a season dedicated to all happiness and light. But let’s face it. Sometimes, it can also be one of the most stressful periods of the year. Between buying an ugly sweater party, cooking for a family dinner, and planning all the cocktail parties in between, there is always a lot to do in such a short time-especially when buying unique and thoughtful Of holiday gifts.

1. DIY mini Christmas gift box

DIY mini Christmas gift box, this is a very useful item. Do you have holographic vinyl. It’s great for Christmas tree decorations! Recently, I have found a good online vinyl store- HTVRONT. You can create your own ideas on T-shirts, cups, handbags, shoes and any indoor and outdoor DIY projects to show their your personality with kinds of vinyl in HTVRONT. When we talk about wrapping gifts, the first thing that comes to mind is those exquisite gift boxes that can be put into gifts. They are very practical and look great, and you can customize them as you wish. In addition, if you want to buy them, they may be a bit expensive. So, why not try to make a gift box yourself? Let your children do it with you, happy family!

2.DIY Christmas T-shirt

Do you like custom shirts for your family to celebrate the holidays? Festive Christmas shirts are fun for everyone and can be made in many ways. People can easily buy T-shirts from the store, but DIY a unique Christmas T-shirt with your favorite glitter iron on vinyl can add a lot of fun. Customize tops for family and friends this Christmas, and use heat transfer vinyl to make Christmas T-shirts! There are many cute designs to choose from, with beautiful snowflakes, Santa Claus or monograms. All you need to do is to print the cut and weed design decals on the T-shirt with a mini heat press!

There are many vinyl brands on the market. Like SISER, Cricut, ORACAL. Recently, I found a store called HTVRONT, which is cheaper and better quality than these stores. It sells many different types of vinyl and some hand tools. Focus on customer service experience. The website blog of HTVRONT will share some handmade ideas, some manual guides and techniques from time to time. It is worth your attention!

3.Embellished stockings

If you have time, please make a bunch of personalized stockings for your whole family before Christmas morning. When making, fold the hem of the stockings to tie ribbons or pompoms, and then use festive stickers and felt to cut and decorate. After it is completely dry, fill it with various sock fillers.

4.Santa Advent Calendar

Help Santa create a Christmas look-one cotton ball at a time. First, cut out Santa’s head and red hat on white and red paper. Draw on his eyes, pink cheeks and nose, then write 1-25 on his white beard. From December 1st, ask your child to stick a cotton ball with tape until Santa’s beard is complete.

5.DIY Christmas Village

This Christmas village is picturesque and looks like it was bought in the store—but it is actually all DIY, made of cardboard, paint, and wooden plates. This means you can choose everything up to the color. If you click into the tutorial, you can even print out your own villagers.

6.Punch coaster

These coasters are like mini rugs and can be used to hold a warm cup of hot cocoa or coffee. The best part? You can easily make them using this punch needle kit from Hoop Atelier on Etsy. You can make one to eight coasters featuring Christmas trees, reindeer, snowflakes, gingerbread men or garlands.

7.Giant Christmas lights

To make your house particularly festive, consider DIY some oversized felt Christmas lights, such as these from Sugar & Cloth. Or, if there are any of these materials around, use construction paper and cardboard. If your door is painted a bright color, match some “lights” with it, but let others keep the Christmas theme.

8.Colorful Christmas tree lights

These strings of lights illuminate the entire room-even if they are only made of paper. Playful, colorful, and without any fire hazard-and they are fun to make!

9.Gift box wreath

Here are the items you need to make this door-accessible DIY wreath: foam wreaths, mini gift boxes of about 10 packages, various gift bows, and interesting figurines of your choice. Glue the bow with hot glue, then attach some larger gift boxes, making sure they are spaced apart. Fill the empty space with more bows and create a gift “pile” by gluing a few small boxes on the larger box. Finish your wreath by sticking to your figurine and giving it a Christmas hat.

10.Garland card holder

This is a great way to showcase all the Christmas cards you get. Cut the three garlands to the desired length (we used the longer garland in the middle). Wrap the top of each garland on a wooden hanger, fix it with hot glue and dry it. Hang it on the wall and fasten the card with clothespins.

You may have a long shopping list, whether it is because you have a large family or just a social butterfly. But beyond that, most of us have roommates, bosses, important other people, in-laws, neighbors, etc., which can also be crossed off from our holiday shopping list.

Of course, this is more than just giving gifts to say you did. You want to do your best to find a unique and thoughtful gift that they really love, and be able to use it for any passion or interest they have. Before you put a lot of pressure on yourself, this list has your support. Below is our list of the best Christmas and holiday gifts for 2021 (although they are suitable for all occasions from birthdays and anniversaries to “be kind to yourself”!).

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