What It’s Like To Own An Inflatable Hot Tub

A friend of mine recently decided to sell her house and move into a better neighborhood. The thing is, her house was really the house of her dreams. She had everything from a walk-in closet to a backyard swimming pool (with a big Jacuzzi too!) Her new home was just as impressive, but she missed those evening soaks in the hot tub. So, she went ahead and got herself a Coleman inflatable hot tub which encouraged me to get one too. Here is everything I learned from owning an inflatable hot tub.

They Can Be More Comfortable To Sit In

I had always been using the fixed hard shell hot tubs, and was surprised to find that the inflated shell tub was actually more comfortable to sit in because it provided some cushioning in the seats. This is an entirely subjective matter, however, so don’t take my word for it. Just be prepared to find the seating to be different from what you are used to – whether it is for better or worse is up to you to decide.

Inflatable Hot Tubs Can Heat Up Significantly Faster

This is especially true if you have a portable propane heater installed, which means the hot tub will be at the perfect temperature in half the time. This was something that surprised me greatly, because I assumed that they do not heat up adequately. Needless to say, I was pleasantly proven wrong.

Durability Is Not An Issue

Before using the portable hot tub I was convinced that it is a glorified kiddie pool. I had always assumed that it would be made from flimsy materials like the cheap plastic used in pool floats. In reality, they are made from advanced durable materials that are able to withstand the high heat and exposure to the elements for prolonged periods of time. They are puncture resistant, so you don’t have to worry about moving around as you soak.

Space Can Be An Issue

When you are shopping for inflatable hot tubs, many will mention the number of people that can be seated in the spa at once. Unlike hard shell hot tubs where it is clear where everyone can sit, inflatable hot tubs advertise the number of adults that can sit side by side. In reality, most of us want to stretch out and lie around in a hot tub, so that means fewer people can be comfortable together in the tub. Also take into account the depth of the tub, which can greatly improve how comfortable you are in the water.

Overall, owning an inflatable hot tub is not all that different from using a conventional one. You still need to maintain it in much the same way you would any other hot tub – keeping the water clean and sanitary, and balancing the pH is just as important. You will likely need to insulate it slightly more if the weather in your area is colder, but otherwise they are a great substitute for inground hot tubs.

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