What Jewelry Pieces to Wear With Different Dress Styles

What Jewelry Pieces to Wear With Different Dress Styles

Out of the many staple wardrobe pieces, the dress is one of the most favorite among women. This garment is super comfortable, easy to wear, and universally flattering for every body shape and size. They can also be worn to any formal or casual occasion and styled with various accessories to add a touch of flair to the entire look.

One accessory which can certainly help finish any outfit and make the dress stand out is jewelry. There are numerous gem pieces that come in many styles, shapes, sizes, and colors, all of which can help you make a big fashion statement.

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to pick the best jewelry to match your dress. To help you, we have made a list of five gems that best go with every type of dress style.

Pearl jewelry for strapless gowns

Pearls are probably the most classic and timeless jewelry type that will never go out of style. Their effortless and lustrous beauty always manages to steal the show no matter the occasion or the outfit you wear. Although they can be styled with any type of dress, they are best reserved for strapless dresses.

For example, if you are wearing a fancy strapless gown to a formal event, luxury pearl jewelry can instantly make you look more elegant and sophisticated. Whether it is the classic white pearl strand, bracelet, or earrings, pearl jewelry will definitely draw all eyes to you.

Pendant necklace for deep V-neck dresses

Deep V-neck dresses are one of the most popular dress types among fashionistas. The dress is usually reserved for semi-formal outings where you want most of the focus on your neckline rather than your bosom and lower body.

For this dress style, you should go for an eye-catching pendant necklace especially if your dress is shorter. There are different styles of this type of necklace, with the crystal pendant being the most commonly preferred among fashion icons. It is the perfect option for those nights when you want to look more dignified and stylish.

Layered bracelets for halter dresses

A halter dress is typically a backless dress that is secured at the back of the neck and the waistline. It comes in many lengths including mini, tea, and floor length, and can be worn as summer clothing or evening wear. Because there is so much going on around the neck area, finishing the outfit with a large necklace or earrings will make the look feel busy.

So, for this dress style, it is best that you opt for layered bracelets to bring all the attention to your exposed arms. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for multiple bangle bracelets of the same style or stack different ones to add vibrancy to your look.

The short statement necklace for off-the-shoulder dresses

Off-the-shoulder dresses are another popular dress type among women. It is characterized by a neckline that generally sweeps across the chest, flaunting the shoulders. Because there is so much uncovered skin, many fashionistas decide to decorate this part of their body with a statement short necklace.

For example, chokers are an excellent example of a short necklace that can go perfectly with this dress style. They are available in a number of materials and can look quite attractive when worn so near to the neckline.

Earrings and layered rings for tank dresses

The tank dress is the go-to dress style for every fashionable woman. This is a knitted piece of clothing that covers the upper part of the body, has no sleeves, and flares out around the hips to make them stand out. It comes in many lengths and can be worn to both casual and formal events.

Although it has a flattering square neckline, adding necklaces may not be the best option. Instead, fashionistas choose to wear statement earrings and layered rings to balance their look without making it too busy. Jewelry pieces that go best with this dress style are dangling earrings and stacked gold rings.

Earrings and layered rings for tank dresses

Final thoughts

Dresses are a staple wardrobe piece no fashionable woman can go without. Although there are many ways to style them, pairing them with jewelry is often the best way to go. There are plenty of jewelry styles that can work well with different types of dresses to help make the outfit stand out while enhancing your beauty.

If you need help with this, refer to our post and learn which jewelry goes best with your dress.

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