What LinkedIn Lead Generation Win Rate You Can Expect in B2B?

What LinkedIn Lead Generation Win Rate You Can Expect in B2B?

As nearly every sales process slowly transcends into the digital sphere, salespeople all around the world keep searching for new ways and places to generate qualified leads. LinkedIn particularly gains much attention, as nearly every industry professional/business owner has a dedicated personal page. Moreover, the platform gives you access to a network of contacts as well as easy-to-use marketing tools.

Today we will explain what the win rate in lead generation is, how you calculate it and how high it is when it comes to LinkedIn B2B sales.

What is the Lead Generation Win Rate

Let’s start with the basics. Lead to Win rate is the percentage of leads with successfully closed deals. It is a general metric used in marketing and sales, used by nearly every product team in the business.

Win Rate clearly shows if your product’s pricing, fit, and sale strategy are any good. It defines the way pros build the sales lead generation channel and directly reflects the general success of a marketing team.

The win rate also represents if your target audience is correct. For example, a low win rate doesn’t necessarily mean your sales team is underperforming. It could mean that the prospects aren’t what you would need for a product.

How to Calculate Lead Generation Win Rate

To calculate the win rate you’d need to divide the number of won closed deals by the number of sales opportunities. 20% is what you’d usually want from the closers. Of course, the percentage could be higher, but it depends on the business specifics.

For example, if you measure closed deals via the calendar, the win rate could be easily manipulated. A salesperson could have open deals by the end of the month and push them into the next quarter, which doesn’t count as ‘lost’.

Some companies use a win rate that excludes unqualified leads from the number of opportunities. Skipping leads that saw a demo or sales pitch lets the team keep focused on potential leads who are more likely to end up in the closed won deals list.

What to Expect from LinkedIn Lead Gen?

B2B sales usually imply a lot of time to close them, as it’s difficult to gain nurtured leads and expect to have a high win rate from sales to advanced clients. This is even more amazing when you discover that LinkedIn lead generation tools give a win rate of 65% for most B2B companies.

LinkedIn continues to consistently generate sales for B2B marketers and it is the #1 channel to distribute sales content being ahead of giants like Twitter and Facebook. 57 million companies and 800 million experts across the world are on LinkedIn. And most of these people come to the platform driven by business decisions.

Even more, at least 80% of quality leads from social media ads in 2022 come from LinkedIn. It’s no wonder that many marketers now use LinkedIn inmails and social selling instead of spamming email leads and spending money to improve their company pages.

How Outreachly’s No-Risk Service Helps You Improve the Win Rate

Did you know that 37% of campaign managers use marketing automation in sales? The age of AI lets companies dramatically boost their win rates by implementing new technologies. It may be time- and money-consuming, but that’s why outsourcing is so popular these days.

For example, Outreachly is an outsourced LinkedIn lead generation company that uses the power of AI to increase your connections and response rates. It lets you automate follow-up messages, focus on targeted leads, and harness all of the opportunities the platform offers.

Not sure about purchasing? Well, Outreachly has a ‘No Risk Sales’ service that is proven to generate high-quality leads and meetings. If you don’t like the result, there is a 100% guarantee of getting your money back.

Book a demo and check out what outsourced LinkedIn lead generation has to offer.

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