What Makes a Great Assisted Living Home?

It is a fact of life that ageing is inevitable. Globally, the population is aging in a way that has not been seen previously at any point in history. Recent statistics indicate that 10% of the world’s population is now composed of people aged 65 years or over. The main factors in this increase in the elderly is the fact that billions of people now have access to high quality healthcare through every stage of their lives. In addition, most people are acutely aware of the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and eating a balanced diet. When people enter the later stages of life and become senior citizens, they may find that they cannot stay in their homes and keep themselves safe. This is often because declining mobility causes problems in getting around safely, or health problems mean they need regular assistance. In such circumstances, moving to an assisted living home may be the ideal option to continue having a high standard of life whist getting the assistance they need. This article explains three factors that make a great assisted living home.

Friendly and approachable staff

A key factor in the success of any well-run assisted living home is the staff who work there. It is important that all residents are treated with respect, kindness and dignity. Assisted living staff must have high levels of empathy to allow them to fully understand the needs and wants of their residents so that they can offer the best possible service. Assisted living communities, such as those that can be found at will be staffed with friendly and approachable professionals who actively listen to their residents. When choosing an assisted living home for a relative or loved one, it is important to speak with the staff at the facility to see how they approach their work and if they demonstrate a passion for elderly care.

A range of activities

A well-run assisted living community will be able to offer its residents a wide range of pleasurable activities to undertake. It is important to understand that senior citizens need access to hobbies, group activities and other pastimes that stimulate them and keep them entertained. Click here to find examples of suitable and fun activities for the elderly. Group games such as bingo can offer fun and excitement, and art classes can help to keep senior citizens stimulated by boosting their creativity. In short, when choosing an assisted living home, look for organizations that offer a range of activities for their residents to enjoy.

Happy residents

As a final point, it is of paramount importance to talk to the residents of an assisted living facility when choosing a site for your elderly relatives. Happy and engaged residents can speak volumes about the overall quality of the establishment. When visiting a facility, make sure to take the time to speak to existing relatives and get their views on living there. Ask questions to see if the food provided is of a good standard and see if you can find out if there is anything they would change or improve at the establishment. If the residents are happy and enjoy living there, this can be the greatest recommendation for an assisted living facility.

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