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How to Watch Fate Series or What Order To Watch Fate Series — Fate/Stay Night was one of the first anime I saw. And newer shows such as Fate/Zero helped to cement my love for the genre and also the fate universe. At this point with a lot of diverse shows and spin-offs that it can be quite intimidating for anyone wanting to get into the show. 

Now I am gonna go through all the anime giving you a Outline without spoiling anything and talk just a bit about the origin of this series. 

The order I present them in will be for the most part with a Few exceptions that the order that I see them in, and also the order I suggest that you watch them in if you intend on watching everything. 

However If You’d like to watch a Specific show I will give you My recommendations about the background information you need to have watched.Which really isn’t too much. 

Fate/Stay Night premiered in 2006. Youmight be curious About Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works along with Heavens Feel but we’ll get to those in a minute here. 

Now, starting with what order to watch fate series — Order Wise

  • Fate Stay Night

  • Fate Zero

  • Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel or Unlimited Blade Works

  • The Heavens Feel

  • Fate Apocrypha.

  • Fate Grand Order First Order

  • Fate/Grand Order The Complete Demon Battlefront: Babylonia

  • Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma

  • Fate/Prototype is an alternate Fate/Stay Night universe

Fate/Stay Night was a [Visual] novel released for Windows in 2004. I have not tried but chances are you can still download it and play it if you so wish. On the best of my knowing the game has three Distinct endings depending on who you choose your woman,

Fate/stay night

In this version the character Shirou ends up using saber. Well since fate likes to call people by their summoned course this could become very confusing, so let’s call her King Arthur. 

Some people do not like this one stating it’s a bit Simplistic, bland, and pulls a lot of older tropes. Like Shirou falling

unconscious all of the time. He gets close that fatally injured a lot which doesn’t kill him because of spoilers. 

When he is talking about it he says people should perish when They arefatally hurt and so we make the iconic people die when they are killed. 

Anyways the show does a good job of presenting the principles Of a Grail warfare and general isn’t a terrible variant of this Fuyuki Grail warfare. Not my favorite but not dreadful. 

What Order To Watch Fate Series

As This follows the launch schedule and you will Find some Of Fate/Zero’s references to Fate/Stay Night near the conclusion of the sequence. That being said I really don’t think you need to have watched some of the Fate/Stay Night models to completely comprehend and appreciate Fate/Zero so you can begin here if you would really like. 

Alternatively you can go to see Fate/Stay Night Heaven’s Feel or Unlimited Blade Works next which I’ll push the line only a tiny bit more. 

Fate/Zero in my view it’s Far Better than the original Fate/Stay Night and does a excellent job of flushing out of its characters motives, flies, as well as ideals. 

The graphics visual style and animation are also enormous step up. Fate/Zero is a prequel to all of the Fate/Stay Night routes but kind of presumes the Unlimited Blade Worksroute to the [visual] novel but seeing some of them should give you a great idea of what’s happening. 

When I had to Select a favorite series from the destiny universe it’d Must be a tie between this person and Unlimited Blade Works. 

Just because Rin best woman and the detail put into every Character’s motivations are amazing. It’s less of conflict who has the bigger laser and more about philosophies and tactical strategies. The first hour of the series is people just talking about their motives and describing the grail war to new viewers. 

Some of the servants gather to have a philosophical Debate as opposed to fighting one point in the show and it is one of my favorite episodes of my favorite show. 


rand Order and the way the Chaldeas works. 

Now we’re going totake a short break from Grand Order and Talk about the extra universe. The author the original Fate/Stay Night and the writer of  Fate watch order additional [visual] novel wrote a first a story called Fate/Extra Last Encore. 

Lots of People said it was bad and myself needing to Google and Ending explanation isn’t a very good sign. The author generally writes a lot more winded material in comparison with a short 13-episode anime, Fate/Stay Night is about 40-50 hours, so writing original anime storyline isn’t what he’s used to. 

In Any Event it was a Small mind-bending and I liked it and Wouldn’t not recommend it. To get a short synopsis in my understanding there is a moon Holy Grail that was set in a digital world. Characters from Stay Night are put through a short school before having to struggle to the death so as to enter a tower of seven floors. Once into the tower they fed with his masters to climb the tower and have the moon Holy Grail grant their wish. 

There are a Great Deal of twists and it is kind of interesting so Again I would not not recommend it. It is sort of out of sequence out of my list but I will pay the other displays from the Fate/Grand Order world and advise on all these you have either played or watched at least the first singularity. As it offers you a fantastic idea about what is happening and what else could be pieced together or it is explained. 

Fate/Grand Order The Total Demon Battlefront: Babylonia Is a new fate series watch order show in 2019 and 2020. I definitely recommend checking it all out. I’ve only watched a couple episodes but things are getting interesting and I hope it to continue this way. 

From the Fate/Grand Order match, at least when I last played, There are just seven singularities and this anime focuses on the one. There is an episode zero that I recommend everyone checking out which talks concerning Dr. Romani and Mash. With just a couple more series to go this is where my comprehension gets secondhand. 

Let’s start with carnival phantasm. To estimate the wiki it States,”It places characters of the fate and Tsukihime series into various comedic scenarios.” 

For this I sort of urge watching Fate/Stay Night and Unlimited Blade Works judging on the fact that this beamed about precisely the same time and by the skits have observed it reveals characters and personalities from both of those serieses. 

It is [a] entire comedy and from what I’ve seen so far it is Pretty decent. I’m likely going to watch it once I am caught up with Babylonia by fate anime

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