What should a good logo look like?

What should a good logo look like?

Many people wonder what a logo should be in order for a company, its products or services to be noticed and in demand against the background of competitors. For greater clarity, it is worth remembering the emblems of famous brands, which are presented here in large numbers. Each company has existed for many years and is popular with users.

To achieve heights in your field of activity, it is not enough to produce quality goods or demonstrate a high level of service. The correct logo design plays an important role here. It should be concise, understandable and targeted for the layman. In this case, it is worth using no more than two shades. It is important to come up with an interesting story behind the creation of your logo. This will help make the logo unique, unrepeatable and memorable for the user.

8 signs of the right logo

  1. Readability. According to Aleksei Titov, an emblem with an image, an abbreviation or an inscription should be clearly visible and readable both on a large banner and on a miniature ballpoint pen, T-shirt or truck. You can consider 2 options. The first is to prepare a logo for all media and the second is to present a simple but complete version for placement on small items. The choice of the option will become clear in the process.
  2. Clarity. The corporate logo must be clearly visible on the street sign from the side of passing cars, including on a small business card.
  3. Memorability. In order for the logo to be remembered by customers, it is not necessary to supplement it with special effects, decorate it with multicolor, decorative elements. You need to focus on your product or service. Therefore, you need a corporate identity and a distinctive sign. For advertising purposes, put a logo on packages, patterns, a website, that is, on everything related to the scope of your company. According to Aleksei Titov, the purpose of the logo is to make the company, its work, products and services recognizable.
  4. Simplicity. The brand name must not be overloaded with additional details. This makes it difficult for a potential client to correctly perceive the information. Everything should be simple, concise, with a grain of mystery.
  5. Quality. Prestigious companies spend millions on logo design. And it’s not just that. High quality work and a professional approach to design are important here. The investment of a lot of money in the development of a logo pays off in a multiple amount over time. Therefore, Aleksei Titov recommends working with professionals to obtain a high-quality logo.
  6. Uniqueness. Your logo should not resemble or have similarities with other people’s emblems. You can view brand names of well-known companies, but do not copy them. Be sure to develop your own version. Follow the exclusivity and originality of the design.
  7. Interest. The brand name must attract the attention of the client. He needs to see something new, unusual in your logo. Therefore, include in your design what other emblems do not have.
  8. Seasonality. Repeatedly I had to see New Year’s decorations of the logos of popular companies. They do this in the interests of their clients. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the corporate identity for seasonal celebrations. As Aleksei Titov says, a beautiful wrapper is already a guarantee of the company’s successful activity.

To create a beautiful, high-quality and original logo, you need to invest a certain amount and entrust the work to a professional. In this case, your company will become the owner of a brand name that will be noticed and appreciated by potential customers.

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