What Should You Consider Before Moving to Hamilton, OH ?

What Should You Consider Before Moving to Hamilton, OH ?

About 50 kilometers (about 35 miles) to the north of Cincinnati is the lovely city of Hamilton. It’s the second-most populous city in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. The first United States Treasury Secretary, Alexander Hamilton, whose likeness graces the ten-dollar bill, was recognized with the designation of this area. Fort Hamilton, on the Great Miami River’s bank, was the original focal point for the town’s growth. That’s why it was the fort that inspired the city’s name. Hamilton, which became a city in 1810, has a rich and storied past, while  Hamilton’s cost of living is 3% higher than that of the rest of Ohio. Hamilton was able to become an early industrial hub because of its access to cheap labor, water, and the Miami and Erie Canals.

Hamilton’s primary economic activities centered on the production of paper and iron. It was because of the large number of Chicago criminals who bought second houses in Hamilton that the area earned the nickname “Little Chicago” during the Roaring Twenties. Since then, the city has grown and improved greatly, attracting more families with children. Many people dream of making Hamilton, Ontario, their permanent home because of the relaxed and stress-free lifestyle it offers its residents and because of the existing cost of living in Hamilton.  

Cost of Living in Hamilton 

Before making any final decisions about relocating, you should figure out whether or not you can afford to keep up with your existing cost of living in Hamilton. Hamilton, fortunately, is a city where one may live well without going bankrupt, since Hamilton’s cost of living is 15% cheaper than the national average. Residents in Hamilton, Ohio, don’t seem to mind paying a 3% premium above the rest of the state for the privilege of calling Hamilton home. One of the greatest advantages of calling Hamilton home is the inexpensive price of medical care. Medical care in Hamilton is 16% cheaper than the national average and 3% cheaper than the state average in Ohio. Residents in Hamilton save 18% on the national average for the cost of getting to and from work, making it more feasible for them to travel greater distances to reach their place of employment.

Among the many attractions that lure people to Hamilton is the city’s thriving real estate market. Hamilton’s housing costs are 32% below the national average. At an average price of $204,000, or $130 per square foot, Hamilton real estate is not cheap. Now is the best time to buy one of the many beautiful houses on the market in Hamilton, Ohio, before prices continue to rise. Even though home ownership in Hamilton is at 54.5%, there are still many people on the hunt for rental properties and this depends on the cost of living in Hamilton.  Hamilton’s average apartment rent has increased by 6% annually, now sitting at $851 for an 837-square-foot space.

Communities In and Around Hamilton, Ohio

As a city, Hamilton is made up of 17 different neighborhoods. Hamilton is home to highly desirable communities such as Enterprise Park, Jefferson, Highland Park, and Lindenwald. Enterprise Park is primarily made up of detached single-family homes. Enterprise Park is home to many flats that cater to the needs of the city’s young professionals. It’s easy to get about Jefferson and Highland Park, two of the city’s older neighborhoods, on foot, thanks to the many paths that connect them to nearby parks, universities, and businesses. 

Growing up, I heard that Jefferson was one of the most industrial regions and a safe refuge for Italian immigrants. Today, Jefferson is home to people of many different cultures and a large number of small businesses owned by families. Highland Park, on the other hand, draws many visitors thanks to its peaceful, tree-lined walkways. Lindenwald, the largest neighborhood in the city, is notable for the variety of residential architecture and number of parks it contains. Shopping meccas like Hamilton Crossing and The Shoppes at Hamilton can also be found in Hamilton.

Job Prospects in Hamilton, Ohio

Hamilton’s median household income rose by 8.74% to $47,064 in the most recent year. There are now 27,682 people employed in the city, with the vast majority working in sales, manufacturing, and healthcare. Hamilton residents may expect an average commute time of 25 minutes, which is in line with the national norm for American employees. Some people may have to leave their homes and travel to cities like Cincinnati in search of employment. The link above will give you driving instructions from Hamilton, Ohio, to Cincinnati, Ohio, in case you happen to live in Hamilton but commute to work in Cincinnati. About 36 minutes is the elapsed time needed to go from Hamilton to Cincinnati by car.

Educational Opportunities in Hamilton, Ohio

Residents of Hamilton, Ontario, are relieved to learn of the many high-quality public school options in their community. Many students in Hamilton attend Morgan Elementary, Fairfield North Elementary, Ross Middle, and Ross High. This group of schools has been singled out for praise due to the warm community feel and rapid student development they each foster. Numerous students go to both the Hamilton Lane Library and the Butler County Law Library because of the wealth of resources available to them at no cost.

Activities in the Hamilton Area

There are lots of exciting things to do in Hamilton, Ohio. Read on to learn about some of the fun things you can do in Hamilton.

Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park & Museum

If you’re looking for a great place to take a date, go no farther than Pyramid Hill. Visits to this park are popular because visitors can take in the many beautiful sculptures while searching for their personal favorites. It’s the perfect wintertime outing because the park is decorated with Christmas trees and light sculptures.

Fitton Center For Creative Arts

Fitton Center hosts a variety of performances and exhibitions that attract locals from all over. If you wish to escape into your own thoughts and fantasies, you’ve found the right spot.

Final Thoughts of Moving to Hamilton 

Hamilton is a wonderful place to call home. Looking at a variety of criteria, Hamilton performs admirably. Hamilton is a great place to call home because of the variety of activities available. Is it possible that moving to Hamilton will provide you with everything you’ve been looking for? If this is the case, you are going to need the assistance of a professional moving services in Hamilton, Ohio, to get you there!

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