What to Check When Conducting Social Media Analysis for Your Business

What to Check When Conducting Social Media Analysis for Your Business

Every company in the market is running social media campaigns. This is the fashionable marketing approach that all organizations are currently using to have the edge over other entities in the market. If you’re not in social media marketing today, it is clear that your company has been left behind. There is no way you will be able to catch up with the aggressiveness that most of the companies have already incorporated in their business promotions.

However, even with extreme social media marketing, not every company is succeeding. Some organizations are struggling to make an impact in the market, while others are comfortably winning the battle. Those that are currently leading in the market are those that have incorporated social media analysis in their marketing campaigns.

What is Social Media Analysis?

Traditionally, most of the companies have been launching test campaigns before launching the big one. You don’t have to do that now. Social media analysis helps you to analyze the data you have collected from your social media platforms and understand the marketing approach you will be using. This means that you’re already prepared to do in the market. Here are some important techniques your company can use to conduct social media analysis.

The Volume of Mentions

Social media mentions are essential in social media marketing. They help you to gauge how you’re influential in the market. If you have been receiving very low mentions on related keywords, you need to make sure that you’ve incorporated some innovative ideas that will promote your social media mentions. You should understand that most of the social media users mention the companies that they are familiar with. Therefore, you have to incorporate strategies that are specifically focused on brand awareness to increase your brand mentions.

Conduct Sentimental Analysis

Obviously, getting more social media mentions is very important in your business operations. However, you need to analyze the reasons behind the mentions you’ve been getting. That is why you need to conduct social media sentimental analysis. This gives you a hint of whether you’re facing a crisis in the market. Some customers could be mentioning you for bad reasons. An increase in negative social media spikes needs to be addressed with the necessary remedy where necessary. You cannot wish away people who are saying bad things about your business.

Analyze Non-Social Media Reach

You might be wondering why you need to conduct non-social media reach when conducting social analysis. It is a very effective approach that helps you to know how people perceive your business out of the online platforms. Don’t assume that your company only operates on some online platforms. Your major presence is in non-social media areas. Therefore, you need to know what people are saying about your organization in non-social media areas. Remember, what is happening in non-social media areas informs what is happening on the social media platforms.

The Share of Voice

The share of voice is one of the essential social analysis aspects that you need to check for your organization. It is essential for you to understand whether there have been very many conversations that have been started on social media platforms regarding your brand. Generally, conversations should be started regarding your organization. In such situations, your business is very influential on social media platforms. However, if you’ve not been receiving some share of voice in the market, you need to work on your influence in the larger industry.

What to do about Social Media Analysis?

Understanding some of the social analysis aspects discussed above is not easier. You need to work with NetBaseQuid in handling social media analysis. It is an experienced social analysis company that can help you to understand what is needed in the market.


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