What to Consider When Starting Your Clothing Brand

What to Consider When Starting Your Clothing Brand

If you are an artist in the field of fashion and you’ve been sketching ever since you can remember for yourself, then launching a clothing brand is probably one of your biggest dreams. Of course, joining the three billion dollars worth world of the fashion industry can be a daunting task and you need to proceed with a carefully thought out plan.

Launching a clothing brand in 2022 is a serious undertaking and you will need a lot of finances to back you up. In addition to that, you will need a business plan and a clear strategy in regard to your brand’s niche and marketing.

Below we list all the essentials you need to look out for when you are starting your clothing brand.

Do you really need to identify a need in the market?

Many newcomers to the fashion industry make the mistake of going with the grain. What that means is that they try to please the crowd instead of pursuing their dreams and own style. Customers and fans should be attracted not chased; grab your pen and put your dream creations on paper and watch as they become part of contemporary culture.

Settle your niche early on, and ask yourself which style makes you most passionate. You might be a member of a certain subculture yourself, goths, ravers, and punks have always had a keen eye for fashion and love to stand out from the crowd. A wicked satanic clothing brand that evokes edginess and artiness at once is always in style and you might want to show your creative prowess in this field.

Write a solid business plan

A business plan will serve as a guide on how you will conduct business in every field of your operation for years to come. It might be the case that you already have everything mapped out in your head, but it’s time to put it on paper.

Many new entrepreneurs that aren’t acquainted with this process will think that it’s very time-consuming and difficult. However, with a business plan template, this process is done seamlessly.

A business plan will not only serve as a representation of how you conduct business, but it will also allow you to secure funding if you opt to look for investors as pitching your ideas will be clear and concise.

Register your clothing business

Now that the business plan is written, it’s time to decide on your clothing business’ legal structure. If you want to have complete control over your business and its operation, a sole proprietorship is what you should be looking for. The best advice any experienced entrepreneur can give you is to start off with a sole proprietorship and when you start expanding, create an LLC.

You will also need to get a general business operating license and register with the IRS by applying for an Employer Identification Number.

Find a manufacturer

Designing your first pieces and registering your business is just the beginning of your wonderful journey in the fashion industry. To make your sketches become clothes that will add value to your customers and kickstart your brand on the path to great heights, you need to find a reliable and quality-focused manufacturer.

When you start negotiating with the potential manufacturer, inquire whether they can deliver in terms of quality and quantity. Most clothing brands in order to reduce costs, resort to outsourcing and you might want to follow this path as well at the start. If you can afford to do so, take a trip and see the manufacturer’s factory in person and see whether the technology they use satisfies your quality standards.

Decide on the price

As with every product, you want to make a profit from your output. Settle on a price that will cover all the production costs but also doesn’t alienate a large percentage of possible customers. However, if your products are American-made, you will probably aim for a higher price point.

Think of where you are going to sell your clothing line, are you going to set up an online shop or opt for a brick-and-mortar store? Or simply, collaborate with local boutiques that feature many different items from different brands.

There’s no one true answer to this question, take into consideration all the pros and cons of different methods and decide what fits your business strategy the most.

Market your brand

A solid marketing strategy will serve in your favor and promote your brand to new heights. There are a lot of ways you can market your clothing brands, but usually, fashion-related brands opt to build a strong presence on social media.

Instagram might be the best place for you as the wonderful features allow you to depict a visual story like nowhere else. Think of a hashtag that will represent your brand worldwide and post regularly in your feed. Instagram also allows you to set up Instagram Shop where your loyal followers can purchase your items online without any hassle.

Final Thoughts

Starting a clothing brand is a dream for every designer. Watching as your sketches turn into quality fashion pieces that garner rave reviews is what every designer strives for. Go over our tips again and prepare yourself for this journey.

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