What to do after moving to a new office in London

What to do after moving to a new office in London

Has your job taken you on an adventure recently? If you’ve just moved offices you’re probably excited about all the new opportunities that your new office location presents. If the office space is bigger you can meet new people, greet your clients and partners into a brand new working space, personalize your office, and more.

However, moving offices also requires extra effort for unpacking, setting up utilities, and organizing everything so that your business can continue working as normal. This is why most businesses prefer to use professional office movers. Office relocation does affect your business in different ways and one of the highest priorities is ensuring that your customers don’t feel the stress of the move.

In this article, we’ll share a few tips about what to do after moving to a new office in the city.

Inspect the new office location

Before unpacking your office belongings, walk through the facility to check what its condition is. The property may need additional professional cleaning services if there are any traces or marks of previous tenancy or business operations. Take photographs of the space as you first enter to have proof of the condition, especially if you are renting it.

Make sure utilities are set up

Once your colleagues move into the new office space, they’ll immediately want to get to work and carry on their normal working operations. To do this, they’ll most likely require a quick internet connection, a telephone connection, electricity, and other utilities. Make sure that your utilities have been set up and are properly working throughout the new office space.

Check the meter readings of your new office to help calculate how much you owe for your first month in the property with accuracy.

Create an unpacking plan

Unpacking is different for every business. If you are part of a large corporation with numerous departments and hundreds or thousands of employees, it may be best to ask every department to unpack one by one. This will prevent any business disruptions and will keep things organized. If you’re a smaller business, it may be better to have your employees unpack at once.

Make a list of priorities that need to be unpacked first. These could be things like desks, laptops, office chairs, and more.

Check if all of your office belongings have been safely moved

During the unpacking, use a list of inventory and tick off the items that have been safely transported from your old office. This will help you spot any missing items or detect any damaged equipment or supplies. If your movers offer an insured service, you’ll be able to be compensated for any losses or damage during the move.

Send out notifications about your new office address

Once you’ve settled into your new office space, you’ll want to make sure that your clients, partners, and suppliers know exactly where to find you. Send out official email notifications to all the parties involved with your business, any suppliers that you work with, and any clients that are currently in your database. It’s also useful to send an email to your employees with information about the new location.

What are some of the best local restaurants or coffee shops to visit during their lunch break? What are the transport opportunities that can be used to reach the office location? Is there any parking space available? Do they need access cards and how can they receive one?

Make everyone feel welcome

Last but not least, use the opportunity to strengthen the team spirit by throwing an office moving party once everyone is settled in. Choose a local catering company and offer welcoming drinks. Capture the moment with photographs that you can share on your social media profiles.

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