What to Do Before a Dentist Appointment: Minimize Stress and Anxiety

What to Do Before a Dentist Appointment

Being stressed or fearful of going to the dentist is a widely shared emotion. Especially if you’ve been putting it off for a while (or years), making an appointment to see a Townsville dentist can feel even more nerve-wracking.

But repeatedly skipping the dentist can cause more problems for your oral health later on. And there are many ways to cope with your dentist phobia so you can feel safe at your appointment.

If even imagining yourself walking through the door of the dentist’s office raises your stress levels, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what to do before a dentist appointment to ease your nerves.

Be Honest With Your Dentist

Your fear of the dentist isn’t uncommon, and your dentist knows it. When you arrive at your appointment, let your dentist know how you’re feeling.

If they understand your specific concerns, they can adjust in order to make you as comfortable as possible. They can also explain what kind of exams or procedures they plan to run, like teeth cleaning or X-Rays.

Ultimately, their primary concern is helping you manage your health, which includes your anxiety at the dentist’s office. There are plenty of ways dentists can support you, and you can click here to learn more.

Practice Breathing Techniques

As you prepare for the dentist, and even when you feel stressed sitting in the chair, you can practice breathing techniques.

Breathing patterns like square breathing or breath counting can help soothe your nervous system response and help you feel calmer. You can try practicing at home or with minor stressors to see how breathing can support you.

Create Distractions

Having easily accessible distractions during your dentist appointment is another way to keep your mind off the stress. You can listen to a fun or relaxing playlist, or even watch something on your phone if it’s okay with your dentist.

Some dentist offices might have TVs that you can watch a show or movie on. There are even dentists who have started letting patients use VR headsets during their appointment.

Make sure you plan your distraction options before the dentist appointment. Then it will be much less stressful to go into the office once the day arrives.

Take Breaks

If you need to take short breaks, just let your dentist know. Especially during longer appointments, it’s good to move your muscles and release any tension you might be holding.

Your dentist will understand, and they might even enjoy a quick break themselves now and then.

Find the Right Dentist

If you’re scared of the dentist, finding someone you can trust and be comfortable with is key. You deserve to feel comfortable when you’re in the office, and a professional dentist will know exactly how to support you.

You might even want to switch dentists if your current provider isn’t understanding or doesn’t accommodate for your discomforts and anxieties.

What to Do Before a Dentist Appointment

It’s time to schedule that long-overdue dentist appointment. By practicing these coping mechanisms, you can know what to do before a dentist appointment, and it will make the experience all that much easier.

For more helpful tips and advice, take a moment to peruse our page for the solutions you’re looking for.

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