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What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles

What to Do When You Have Broken Roof Shingles

A shingled roof must ultimately be replaced since it doesn’t endure forever. Wind, moisture beneath shingles, and other environmental conditions may cause shingles to break. To prevent more harm to your home’s interior or internal structure, broken shingles must be repaired immediately. 

  • Locate the Damage:

Even though you may already be aware of the damage to your shingles, specialists may find it useful to pinpoint the exact location of the issue on your roof or to keep an eye out for any problems inside with your house. Determining the damage also helps determine if more damage or other issues exist. You may contribute to avoiding more roofing repairs by determining the problem’s location and source.

  • Call Experts:

The best course of action regarding damaged roofing is to consult a professional to prepare the damage best. Roofers who are experts in Phoenix shingle roofing possess the expertise, equipment, and resources necessary to complete the task at hand. Roofers might also find more fundamental issues to avoid more damage in the future. Shingles that are broken need quick care, and it is best to have a professional do the repairs.

  • Clear Roof Gutters:

Leaves, mud, or other grains beneath often cause broken roof tiles. Debris accumulation in gutters may spread to your roof’s shingles, forcing them up till they rise and shatter. Shingles may degrade as a result of moisture and rainwater accumulation underneath them. 

  • Fix Cracks:

Certain shingles could only have little gaps that sealant can cure. Apply sealant under the crack and spread it out using a putty knife. After that, apply sealant to the top of the crack and apply pressure to the shingle. Once the glue has been sealed, apply pressure and allow it to cure for a while. Patching cracks may temporarily fix the issue, but it may not last. Damaged shingles must be repaired immediately to save your roof.

  • Stop Future Harm:

You often get more than just the price of the roof shingle repair when you work with a professional. The reason being they investigate ice damming, overhanging tree branches, clogged drains, and ventilation in addition to shingle repair. Understanding how your roof works may help you prevent problems. At least once a year, check your roof for warped or curled shingles to avoid further damage.

When Replacing Shingles Yourself Is Not a Good Idea:

You could conclude that there isn’t much damage to your roof. You may not be able to assess all of the damage, even if it seems to be minor. Replacing damaged shingles on an older roof just covers up a more serious issue.

It’s not fun and might be hazardous to climb on your roof. You may have to repeatedly climb up on your roof if you repair your shingles without properly assessing the damage. 


Common roofing issues like broken shingles may worsen if they are not fixed right away. You can make sure that your roof stays in excellent shape and shield your house from future damage by taking some crucial precautions.

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