What to do with your friends this Christmas

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The festive season can be a great time to connect with friends and family. There are plenty of activities available during the holidays, plus a lot of people are a little less busy at work. Below, we explore the best things to do with your friends this Christmas.

Organise a Christmas dinner

A Christmas dinner can be a great way to bring everyone together. And it doesn’t have to be too much hassle! Assign everyone a few tasks to help with the dinner and you should find that you can make a wonderful meal without anyone over-exerting themselves. Just make sure you buy the supplies you need in advance and work out any vegetarian alternatives depending on your group.

Small gifts

Offering small gifts out to your friends can be a lovely way of recognising them and spreading some Christmas cheer. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, instead, personal little gifts can be better. This could be with an ornate card, or maybe you can give them a little treat like toffee, or their favourite food. Ideally, it should be a gift that shows you know and appreciate them.

Start a Christmas tradition

Christmas traditions can be a lot of fun and give you something to look forward to during winter. All it has to be is something you and your friends agree to do every year during the festive season. It could be something as simple as going to see a blockbuster film at the cinema. Or you could agree to all go to your favourite restaurant. You can be as creative as you like with these festive traditions.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa be an exciting activity over Christmas. This is where your friendship group all put their names in a hat and you randomly get assigned a person to buy a present for. The key is that the recipient doesn’t know who bought their present. Each person in the group will receive a gift and give out one too. This creates a funny situation where you try and work out who shopped for you each year. You can also put a spending limit on each gift to ensure the game doesn’t spiral out of control.

Decorate together

Putting up Christmas decorations together can help get everyone in a festive mood. This could be as simple as putting up the tree, or you could help one of your friends but up an exciting light display!

Christmas is a great season to spend time with friends and family. Whether you decide to start a Christmas tradition, or decide to get little gifts for your friends, it’s wonderful to get everyone together.

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