What Types of RV Classes Are There?

What Types of RV Classes Are There

What distinguishes a Class B or C RV from others? Why is it called a fifth-wheel trailer? Are camper vans considered RVs as well?

Many of us would love an RV to venture out into the great outdoors. However, even the most ardent camper might become confused with all the terminology regarding types of RV.

So whether you’re planning to buy a new camper or want to brush up on your camper lingo, we’ll let you know about every RV type you can get today. There are alot of things you need to consider when choosing what type of RVs you will go for and Camper Guide features reviews on different types and class of RVs depending on what fits your interest.

Class A RVs

Class A is the largest motorized recreational vehicle (RV) available. Many buyers of this type of vehicle end up living in their RV most of the year because they’re pretty much home on wheels.

They might be modest or have loads of hi-tech technology onboard and home comforts. Many have washers and dryers, king-size mattresses, and even mobile garages to fit a small vehicle inside!

So with a Class A, you get a lot of space and maybe some significant luxury. Another advantage is that a Class A can generally tow a vehicle. However, because of their size and connection requirements, Class As may be expensive, have low fuel efficiency, and are limited in where they can cruise (like in some national parks, for example).

Class C RVs

Class Cs are not as large as As, but they are bigger than a Class B. In a Class C, sleeping accommodations are generally above the cab with additional space in the back. Also, slideouts similar to those seen in more significant Class As are popular.

Separate bathroom space is typically found in Class C RVs, where a Class B camper van may not. People who desire something smaller and less expensive than a Class A but don’t believe a camper van is big enough may consider a Class C. It’s worth noting that most Class C RVs aren’t big enough to pull another car.

Class B RVs

People tend to call Class Bs a camper van. They are a medium-size choice which is much smaller than Class A RVs.

The Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter, and Ram Promaster are standard van bases. Overall, these compact but formidable campers may handle up to six people.

Other Notable Mentions

Technically, the RV classes are A, C, and B (from large to small). There are various other types of campers, though, many of which you pull behind your standard vehicle. They include:

  • Travel trailers – They come in multiple sizes.
  • Pop-up trailers – An easy-to-store and compact option.
  • Fifth-wheel trailers – The biggest trailer on the market.
  • Truck campers – Great for getting off-grid and inexpensive.

And you might be still wondering why they named fifth wheel trailers in such a way? Well, they take the name from the earliest design when they would pull horse-drawn carriages!

Also, if you’ve decided on what type of RV or other camping vehicles you like, why not check out It’s a great place to browse some of the best RVs on the market right now.

Know Your Types of RV

Now you should have a better grasp of the types of RV available to you. Each class offers something different, whether it’s luxury or more humble travel on the road.

One thing’s for sure, camping and appreciating the great outdoors is a wonderful way to travel and get up close to nature. Thanks for stopping by, and check out our blog for more informative pieces.

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