What You Need To Know About Checking Your SSI Claim Status

What You Need To Know About Checking Your SSI Claim Status

The average wait time for a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) decision is three to five months. That time is fraught with anxiety. You’re disabled, and you need the income.

You’re not alone. The process for receiving your Social Security retirement benefits takes three months to file and six weeks to process. The truth is, dealing with any bureaucracy can be infuriating.

Did you know you can check on your SSI claim status? If you’ve filed for Social Security or Supplemental Security like disability, read on to learn some crucial facts about the claims process.

Why Check on SSI Claims?

In a perfect world, filing and collecting benefits like SSDI, SSA, and SSI retirement would be simple. Though technology makes our lives easier in so many ways, these processes take a lot of time.

The Social Security Agency processes hundreds of thousands of claims every year. Delay is possible, and it’s a good idea to check in on your claim if it’s taking longer than expected.

  • Applications get lost
  • You might not receive a denial letter
  • Denied claims have a 65-day appeal window

If you miss that appeal window, you’ll have to start the entire process over again. When you reapply, you lose your ability to collect back payments owed should you receive claim approval during your appeal.

That means thousands of dollars lost.

How to Check Claims

You’ve worked your entire life, and you’re ready to collect your Social Security retirement. You might be ready to receive benefits soon, but when can you get Social Security retirement?

You can start collecting at age 62, but your monthly benefit is much smaller. You can receive full benefits at 66.

If you’ve filed your claim for any Social Security or Supplemental Security benefits, you can check your claim status in two ways. Follow these steps to check your status.


Upon filing, you’re able to create an account on the SSA website. Your ‘My Social Security’ account shows your filing date, claim location, filing office, and any upcoming hearings.

Creating this account will also give you real-time claim status updates.

By Phone

It’s possible you do not have internet access or would prefer to check the status of your claim and speak to a representative. To inquire about your claim status this way, contact your local Social Security Office.

If you check the status of your SSI claim and find you’re denied, you’ll need help through the appeal process. Expert attorneys like can assist your case.

Check Your SSI Claim Status

Given the number of claims the SSA processes throughout the year,  something might go wrong with your claim. You must check your SSI claim status.

You only have a limited appeal window, and missing it means losing thousands of dollars. Don’t hesitate to get an expert lawyer on your side.

Do you need more financial help? Make sure to check out the rest of our website for additional insightful content.

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