What You Should Know About Personal Health Insurance in Switzerland?

What You Should Know About Personal Health Insurance in Switzerland

Healthcare insurance in Switzerland is maintained and run by Swiss Federal law. In health services, there is no state offering free health insurance. On the other hand, health insurance is mandatory for all those staying in Switzerland, even newborns. It means a child born in Switzerland and who has completed three months has to have health insurance.

Although the Swiss healthcare system is one of the most prominent health care systems in Europe, it is not always affordable. Hence, health Insurance is essential and mandatory in Switzerland. This guide on healthcare insurance comparison in Switzerland will cover everything you should know about personal health insurance in Switzerland and will help you make the best possible decision.

Health Insurance Details in Switzerland

Health Insurance in Switzerland covers almost all the costs of medical treatment and hospitalization that will be insured. It means the insured person only pays part of the treatment cost. This activity is through an annual franchise cost that ranges from CHF 300 to a maximum of CHF 2500. For an adult, it is PPP $1,534 for the insured and a charge of 10% of costs, the stop-loss amount of CHF 700.

What happens if someone is not covered by health insurance in Switzerland?

Suppose a child’s guardian or someone moving to Switzerland fails to purchase insurance within three months of the child’s birth or moving. In that case, their local authority will allocate a health insurance plan, which means they will have to pay higher premiums. Enrolment in Health insurance in Switzerland is mandatory, and everyone must follow it. Anyone in Switzerland found without a health insurance plan will not have access to Swiss health services in which emergency treatment is exempted from being billable. You can refer health insurance comparison website in Italian.

Personal health insurance

Generally, Swiss residents choose a top-up plan for their insurance under private health insurance with add-ons. It gives them a more comprehensive range of treatment options and better accommodation choices within the hospital facilities.

Who will get personal health insurance in the Swiss world?

It is assumed that private health costs around 32.6% of all health burns in Switzerland, as per 2014 data. That is high if we are going to compare with other OECD countries. In Switzerland, the basic health insurance package is good, and many people also add some extra packages to have a better and broader scope of services and treatment. That’s why personal health insurance in Switzerland is popular. This service is better for those people who want unique treatments that are not part of basic packages.

The benefits of getting personal health insurance in Switzerland

Personal insurance covers all the additional treatment. It includes everything from dental and unique treatments to complementary treatments like osteopathy, personal healthcare, and hospital stay benefits (ex-private rooms, free choice of doctor, etc.). Risk factors like age, health condition, etc., will also decide premiums and raise policy prices for some people.

How does personal health insurance work?

A resident of Switzerland can get top-up personal health insurance from the same provider as the basic package plan or another one. They have to pay the medical fees first and then claim money via invoices and receipts from the insurer. They can choose the extra level of coverage as per their requirement and budget; the cost evaluation by risk profile benefits range, and location.

How to check for personal health insurance?

An individual should get quotations from different companies and check who offers the best deals that suit their needs and circumstances. For this purpose, we also have to get help from insurance brokers, who can help us compare health insurance packages and select the best one that fits the situation and requirement.

Costs of health insurance and the reimbursement process in Switzerland

Before enrolling in any health insurance policy, calculate the costs and premiums in Swiss health insurance. Generally, Swiss people pay a monthly premium fee that varies between Swiss health insurance companies. Every year, Swiss health insurance will review considering several factors, including healthcare costs and company debts. It means every year, premium costs vary. It has been found that in 2017, premiums increased by an average of 4.5% across the area. Even some of the low-cost providers also increased their premiums by 15-20%.

According to the Federal Office of Swiss Public Holidays (FOPH), Swiss health insurance premiums will increase by an average of 1.2% in 2019. Unemployed or citizens with modest means may be eligible for a premium reduction in government subsidy.

Health Insurance is a necessity in Switzerland, but you may find it a little complicated and confusing to understand and make the ideal choice for yourself at first. This guide on Health Insurance Comparison In Switzerland will help you resolve all your queries regarding personal health insurance in Switzerland. So, be sure to give this article a good read to make the best choice for your unique situation.

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