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When Is Foundation Repair Necessary?

When Is Foundation Repair Necessary?

A foundation is literally the base of a residential or commercial property. It’s what the rest of the structure is built upon. It maintains the entire unit’s cohesion through the ground’s continual shifts.

While they’re normally built to withstand anything there are situations when fixes are needed. Here are a few reasons why foundation repair is necessary.

Unusual Cracks in Interior Rooms

Unless they’re damaged by another means, your walls should remain fracture-free during the life of your property. However, if there are issues where foundation repair is required by an organization like 58 Foundations, you’ll notice it first when you gaze at the ceiling.

This is where you might notice significant cracks. They tend to emanate from the corners or above door frames. This happens due to foundation shifts or rapid settling of the ground underneath the property.

Sloped Walls and Ceilings

Another sign of shifting in your foundation is sloped walls and ceilings. Sometimes this happens due to events like water damage. The weight of the liquid puts pressure on affected areas, thus angling surfaces downward.

Yet, if that isn’t the issue, then it can be a change in your foundation. As settling or sinking takes place, pressure is redistributed. In this case, its upward movement results in a misalignment of structure joints. The result is increased angling of walls and ceilings.

Hard to Close Doors and Windows

Over the years it can get harder to create a good seal on a door or window. Even if nothing seems amiss, it’s harder to close one. When you do, some gaps let in noise or the weather.

Here, a sagging or sinking foundation causes changes in your frames. Either it seems like they shrunk or have become too big to fit your windows and doors. Repositioning or sanding down these areas may help temporarily. However, the problems will reoccur if the foundation isn’t repaired.

Water Damage in the Attic or Basement

Water damage within your property doesn’t always mean a damaged roof or broken pipes. It also means foundation problems. For instance, as the base rapidly sinks, bowing of roof frames and cracks around the soffit and fascia occur. Rainwater seeps into these openings.

Another sign of a broken foundation is the literal and figurative shape of your gutters. Though the channels and downspouts are sturdily attached to your property’s surface, they also start to bend and move as the foundation shifts. In turn, water isn’t property distributed and starts to splash against the house.

As for the basement, the best way to check on foundation damage is to discover the source of the leak. If not from a pipe, water heater, or sump pump, see if there are any stains on the walls. From there, check the foundation for significant cracks. This is probably where the problem originated.

These are only a few suggestions of when foundation repair is necessary. When you do find an issue, contact a professional organization to come out and quickly remediate the issue before it’s too late.

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