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When to Call the Super for Your Brooklyn Apartment

There’s nothing like living it up in New York City, but at the end of the day, you need to find an apartment that suits your lifestyle. With more people finding themselves in the evolving borough of Brooklyn, it’s an opportune time to get in on a fairly affordable lease in cities that are rapidly developing. Whether you land, be sure to create a good rapport with your building’s superintendent for any repairs. However, be considerate of when you call and what you’re calling about.

Heating and Air Conditioning

If you notice that the airflow isn’t as strong from your apartment’s HVAC system, be sure to ask around the building if other people are having similar issues. If you notice mustier or burning odors, there could be dust clogging up ducts and vents, blocking hot or cold air from getting to your apartment. Keep an ear out for any of the most common AC noises to alert your super too.

Keep in mind, a heater or air conditioner will have some loud noises upon turning on the system for the season. If those continue, there’s a deeper-seated issue with the equipment. If you’re hearing a high-pitched whistling, that could be a blockage in your ducts. If it’s more of a squealing, it could be a problem with the HVAC unit’s fan belt.

Electrical Problems

Don’t call your super to replace a light bulb. That’s one way to really get on a bad footing. However, if you have electrical issues in your unit, be sure to have your super address this immediately. As they’re responsible for keeping the building in its best safe, they’ll feel better with taking care of repairs for this or bringing in an electrician.

If power is not returning to your apartment after a blackout, one of the more common problems is an issue with the fuse box. If you’re still not getting a reset, get your super in to figure out the issue. You’ll also want to call in your super if there are any exposed wires that are unprotected. This could be sending your energy bill up for power you’re not using, but it needs to be handled safely.

Pest Control

The sad truth of living in NYC is that you may encounter some critters you don’t want to welcome into your home. Mice, roaches, and other creatures can be a serious problem so it’s important to reach out to your super immediately if you spot these issues. You can also take things into your own hand by purchasing traps and sprays to catch the culprit before the problem becomes a hassle.

A superintendent may be able to spot the source of the problem, such as a crack in your walls that is welcoming these critters inside. A super can come in with a caulking gun to cut off the entry, making sure that these areas have a seal. This will also help keep cool air inside during the summer, and warm air during the winter, easing your energy bill.


In NYC, supers and building owners are legally required to make sure you have access to hot, running water. Be sure to reach out to the super if the water isn’t heating up. Of course, make them aware of any leaks or pipe bursts as well. Evaluate where the pipes are in your unit. If they’re in a closet or storage space, you may want to consider putting important belongings elsewhere.

Consider some storage units in Brooklyn, NY that provide a litany of storage options to suit the amount of space you require. You could even rent storage units seasonally to put away clothing or decoration, or just for the safer keeping of important documents and personal items that you feel better having stowed somewhere with around-the-clock surveillance.


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