Where Can I sell my old mobile phone in Singapore

Trading means that your device is sold and turned into cash to a reseller. Then you can decide whether you want to purchase another phone using the money. Buying and selling old devices in Singapore for a new one is not new, it has long been around.

You have options when it comes to selling your old phones. Keep reading to find out which option aligns you best.

How to Sell your phone from the top places in Singapore:

  • In the market today, you can sell your phone using different companies. Just answer a few questions about the model, the ability, and the current conditions of your phone to develop your free online quotation.
  • You will receive a prepayment label if you accept their offer, and then send it off to the company, which makes sure that your telephone is on par. You will then receive payment using your chosen option.
  • The advantage of this option is that you can make little effort, make the best deal and make the biggest dollar if your phone is up to match. The downside is that you have to shop at the best price.

Sell by your own in an Online Selling marketplace:

Create a global market listing for your device that lets you directly sell to a buyer.


Higher prices, cash payments, no bidding obligation.


Risky, can be a victim of scammers, needs transactions in person, and efforts to list

The use of online markets like eBay, Craigslate Amazon, and Facebook to sell your old phone to third-party buyers can get the most money for you. Nobody can skip from the top of your earnings without a middleman. It is more of an inconvenience, you have to create an attractive list, pay seller fees, and differentiate between the valid buyers and the snipers.

Online Selling marketplace:


When you’re ready to work on a good list, pay shipping and selling fees, and risk a purchaser scam, eBay can offer tough, cold money and more safeguards than Craigslist. eBay Quick Sale is a safer option with a fixed price, even with prices lower since then your eBay device has to be sold again.eBay Immediate Sale is a better option with a guaranteed price, even with prices lower ever since your eBay device has to be sold again.


Craigslist can make the most profit from all of the above choices, but it also carries the highest risk. You can use Craiglist to name any price you want and there are no seller fees, as opposed to eBay. But scams are usual, and they are not protected by Craiglist – you are alone.

Marketplace for social Media:

Consider listing your old Facebook marketplace smartphone for a fixed price, without any fees needed. Potential purchasers could submit bids that you can withhold, accept or trade.

You can also limit the spectator to some groups of friends to find a trustworthy buyer on your network and remove the effects of dealing with other people.

In the present era, the majority of people on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Twitter are linked. So why don’t you use it for selling your smartphone before you love it? You can only make great deals with your mobile phone by uploading a photo of the smartphone you want to sell.


If you want to sell your once-loved phone through dedicated web pages to experienced buyers then you should try using websites that have been designed to carry out these kinds of transactions

Sell by your own on shops:

There are the different easiest places to sell your old smartphone in Singapore at a fair price and to ensure the latest flagship releases. Many offline shops are known for mobile selling in Singapore where you can get cash by selling your old mobile.

The ending note:

Take the time to sell your phone at the right place. Our article has hopefully given you an overview of how and where to sell your telephone to maximize your profit.

You have choices, as we said. Either sell it to a purchase website directly, sell it yourself or sell it. Make sure that your buyers are judged well. Remember, it is probably not the right deal if it is too good to be true.


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