Where to create a logo: an overview of the best options

Where to create a logo

Today it is quite difficult (almost impossible) to find a major brand that is known all over the world and at the same time it will lack a logo. A logo is an important element of any brand.

Large companies can afford to order the creation (modification) of a logo in various well-known companies that specialize in this type of activity, as well as from famous designers. However, today it is possible to create a unique logo that will not be inferior to the logos of large companies, independently, while there is no need to spend a lot of time, as well as have special skills.

You can create a logo in a short time in a special logo designer (one of the best is Turbologo), which creates logos that meet modern trends, and also takes into account all the needs of the customer. At the same time, several options can be made at once, and the revision of the best options can be ordered directly from freelance designers, since the revision of the finished version will cost much cheaper than directly creating a logo.

A logo is a certain pattern (icon, icon, text inscription, etc.) that consumers associate with a certain brand or products produced by it. The logo is placed on the company’s products, which guarantees customers the quality of the purchased products.

The logo is also placed on various sites in order to increase the popularity and fame of the brand. It can also be posted on the Internet on various sites and on social networks, where more and more people spend their free time.

Well-known programs for creating logos

1) Turbologo

This logo designer is one of the best today. It is based on artificial intelligence algorithms, which allows you to create unique and inimitable logos.

Turbologo has the following characteristics:

– A large database of source images, which is updated daily,

– A wide selection of different fonts that can be used when creating logos,

– Availability of additional tools that allow you to improve the design of the logo,

– The opportunity to see how the logo will look on various sites (business cards, photos, various website pages, etc.),

– Low cost, as well as the availability of several tariffs at once,

– The ability to edit the logo, even after its purchase,

– The ability to download the created logos on a transparent background.

There are additional advantages and opportunities that can be evaluated directly when using this logo designer.

2) Logomaster

Also one of the best logo designers. It has the following characteristics:

– Availability of a wide database of source photos of various categories,

– A large number of different fonts (more than 800 varieties),

– Generation of logos based on the color palette, as well as the wishes of customers,

– Availability of medium and high resolutions,

– Wide possibilities of using created logos (from placement on advertising leaflets to placement on brand souvenirs),

– Availability of various tariff plans.

At the same time, this constructor has certain disadvantages, namely the inability to make changes, as well as re-download the developed logo (when purchasing the basic tariff).

3) Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Also a popular logo designer, whose services have already been used by many users from all over the world. It has the following characteristics:

– Generation of logos using artificial intelligence, according to the client’s wishes (colors, fonts and other parameters),

– The ability to upload your own images,

– High resolution vector and raster files,

– The ability to download the created logo, both on a transparent and colored background,

– Automatic formation of the logo for its placement in various social networks, as well as presentations.

– The ability to change existing logos for different holidays.

Despite the various advantages that this constructor offers, it also has certain disadvantages, which include:

– The inability to add various icons when creating a logo that was based on the name or initials of the brand,

– You can download the logo only after purchasing one of the tariff plans.


There are many different designers that will allow you to create a unique logo in a short time, and most importantly cheaply. At the same time, it is created directly by artificial intelligence, which takes into account the wishes of the user, which allows you to create a logo that corresponds to trends, as well as that will satisfy all the wishes of the customer. Also, when creating a logo in the designer, there is no need to worry that this logo will already be used by one of the brands, which in the future may lead to litigation, as well as financial losses.

If necessary, the created logo can be modified independently or by contacting specialists, however, the cost of this work (as well as the time to complete this work) will be significantly lower than the complete creation of the logo.

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