Which US ISP offers the best customer support?

According to American dialogue in movies and something we swear by, the Customer is the God or customer is always right. Internet is one of those commodities that are not compromise-able nor the poor performance could be tolerated based on the tasks and devices that solely rely on it to function. Given the situation where customer support service and internet service individually hold so much value, customer support for internet service providers in the United States is a big deal.

How Much Internet Do I Need?

In simple words, the more you buy, the more is better. But again, it is not true in every case. How much internet you need depends on how much time you’ll use the internet and the amount of data consumed during the consumption differs. A person who wants to play online video games and loves online streaming can go with a standard package of 25 Mbps. However, if you play games professionally or you have to share the connection with your family members, you’ll need more speed than this. Some people need the internet for using social media or for emails and these users can use a basic internet plan with a decent internet speed.

Here is an overview of the usage of the internet:

  1. Basic Use: web browsing, social media, emails.
  2. Medium Use: online gaming, music streaming, using two devices, video streaming.
  3. 3. Heavy Use: video calling, heavy gaming, HD streaming on multiple devices.
  4. Very Heavy Use: HD or 4K streaming on many devices, downloading or sending large files, full-time gaming, HD video calling with several users simultaneously, and everything!

Knowing about internet consumption beforehand will save you from a lot of hassle. We would recommend CenturyLink internet customer service. Though customer service is crucial and we are going to share the best customer support departments in the internet service providing industry in the US. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of some well-known Internet Service Providers:



  • Highest speed concerning its price.
  • No data caps.
  • Buyout offers are without contract plans.


  • Increase in price after 365 days.
  • Uploading speed is not specified.
  • Limited support for customers using their equipment.



  • Gigabit plans are comparatively cheap.
  • Faster downloading speed.
  • Promotional options are available for lower prices.


  • Low customer support rating.
  • Prince increased after a year.
  • Each plan has data caps.



  • Low installation fee.
  • Panoramic Wi-Fi for better coverage.
  • A few plans require no contracts.


  • Poor customer support.
  • Increase in prices.
  • Not a good choice for buying unlimited internet plans.



  • Widely spread network.
  • Fast and reliable.
  • No need to buy any equipment.


  • Data caps issues.
  • Fiber internet is yet in limited areas.
  • Speed and pricing changes.



  • High-speed fiber internet.
  • Special offers with a low installation cost.
  • Savings for wireless customers.


  • Fiber is yet limited.
  • Increase in price annually.
  • Equipment is expensive.

All the mentioned internet service providers are known for delivering the best service throughout the US for one reason or another. You can check with the customer support yourself or read the reviews about the services from previous or already existing clients. Based on ranking Verizon has the highest spot while based on customer’s number Xfinity wins with its accessibility in over  44 states in America.

The bottom line is:

Internet Service Providers can’t satisfy all of their customers with cooperative and friendly customer support. They lack in almost one or another area to satisfy their customers. The best Internet Service Provider always takes care of things to build a happy client-to-customer relation. If you want to know how well your ISP’s customer service support will be in the future, you can review scoring metrics from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and J.D. Power. On a positive and conclusive note, if the services are up to the mark, no matter how cooperative and in place the customer support of your ISP is, you might not even need it. Though we can’t deny the significance of customer service. We would still recommend you to keep the focus on the quality of services more than the customer service ranking and performance.

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