Who is Eligible for Zakat?

how to work out zakat

Zakat is the most important pillar of Islam. It is the fourth important of Islam. We can discuss it as zakat is the amount of money we give at Ramadan to needy people. We can give the zakat if we have enough that is described in the Holy Quran. Lets see below how to work out zakat

Zakat is a way that could clean wealth, and according to Muslims, it is the way to increase money. If we spend money in Allah’s way, then Allah will give us more money.

Zakat increases love between Muslims because when we give zakat, it decreases our love for money, and we can realize how important this is. Zakat creates good relationships between the communities.

It also helps to purify someone’s character because it frees us from desires and greed. Zakat also reminds us that the wealth we have is just because of Allah’s blessing, and we are not taking it with us after death.

What does Zakat mean?

The literal meaning of zakat to purify means that it purifies the wealth that we generate from income. As we have believed in Allah, if you distribute money between the poor, Allah will give us more than our expectations.

Can we give Zakat before Ramadan?

We can give zakat at any point of the year. But many Muslims believe that if they give zakat at the Holy month of Ramadan, they will become happier with them. On the other hand, if we zakat at Ramadan, the needy people can also easily enjoy the Eid-ul-Fitr because they can easily buy the things they need.

Who is eligible to receive Zakat?

According to Islam, there are eight kinds of people that can receive zakat.


The people who don’t have money to eat two meals a day cannot afford shelter. So we can say that these people are eligible for zakat. These people are more eligible for receiving the zakat because they have no way to earn money.

2.The Fuqara

These are the people who have money, but they can not afford their family’s needs because they earn a small amount of money. So we can give zakat to these people. Many people around us do not show themselves for some reason, and you must help these types of people.

3.Zakat collectors

The people who collect zakat and distribute it to the needy people are also eligible for zakat. The zakat department employees are also part of this category; they can also receive zakat because they get a small salary.

4.New Muslims

We can give zakat to the people that are non-Muslims and want that they accept Islam so that they can believe in Islam that how much is beautiful religious Islam. The people who newly accept Islam and have insufficient money for a living are also eligible for zakat.


Zakat is also eligible for slaves, and we can give zakat to the master of slaves to free them. We can also give zakat to free Muslim prisoners that were captured during wars.


We can also give the zakat amount to travelers that have not sufficient resources and money. We also give to such people who travel to promotes Islam.

7.In the path of Allah 

We can also give zakat to those people who are struggling with the right cause in the path of Allah. We should give those people who struggle to collect zakat from different locations.


We should give zakat to the people who are debtors. If you think that the person will spend the money somewhere else, you give it to some responsible person. We can give the money to such a person who owns the money from him.

Benefits of the Zakat

  • There are a lot of advantages to paying zakat, here we mention some of them.
  • Zakat increases the good relationship between Muslims.
  • If everyone pays the zakat on time, then the poor can also live a good life.
  • It will increase the love of Allah in our hearts.
  • Allah becomes happy with people who spend on the poor.
  • It decreases the more desires and greed from our character.
  • It encourages us to help the needy and poor.
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