Why Are Online EMI Payments Gaining Popularity?

Payment Gateways: 10 Questions to Ask to Determine Which Is Right For You

One of the finest ways to raise decent cash now is through loans. One may directly access a variety of loan choices on the market, whether they are being used for starting a business, buying a home, or purchasing a car. For the consumers’ convenience, many financial organizations offer gold loans, house loans, personal loans, and vehicle loans at the lowest interest rates possible. These loans must be paid back promptly after being received; failure to do so might result in additional penalties for late EMI payments.

But, are you tired of paying and repaying loans using outdated, conventional methods? Well then, various online payment platforms like MobiKwik are available to make paying your unpaid EMI amount simpler. It’s no longer necessary to go through a stretched, complicated process to pay the loan EMIs; you can do it right away from their web portal in a few quick, easy steps. MobiKwik offers a year-round, cost-free online EMI payment solution on their website and app.

Advantages of getting EMI options:-

  • Flexibility to buy: Using an EMI option allows you to purchase expensive products off the shelf even if you don’t have the money to do so right now. For instance, if you earn a salary, choosing an EMI option with your loan rather than a lump sum payback makes it simpler for you to purchase your dream home or vehicle.
  • Affordability: EMI can assist you in purchasing everything and anything, including costly household items, a car, gifts, or even a property. Your lender splits the total loan amount into regular payments, which you make in manageable amounts.
  • Calculate your monthly expense using EMI calculators: Using online EMI calculators, you may determine your monthly disbursement based on the principle amount, interest rate, and time period.
  • Easy on the wallet: As the monthly payment is predetermined and stretched out throughout the loan term, the EMI option won’t empty your bank account like buying on cash payment would, allowing you to invest in other things and save or invest money elsewhere.
  • No middlemen: In the online mode of payment in MobiKwik, the EMI is paid directly to the lender; other middlemen handling your payments are not involved.

Ways to reduce your loan burden without affecting your wallet

You might need to change your strategy if you also have trouble paying back your debts. We’ll go through various methods for managing your debt without straining your finances.

Pay off high-interest loans first:

Setting loan repayment as a top priority is the first step. Create a list of all existing loans, then determine which ones should be paid off first. Ideally, pay off the most expensive loan or High-interest loans first.

Increasing payouts when income grows:

Increasing the EMI with each increase in income can quickly pay off your loan EMIs. Therefore, priority should be given to prepaying loan EMIs if there is extra income. Make careful to initially apply the extra payments to the more expensive EMI installments if you have many loans open at once.

Use bonus earnings for excessive payoff loans:-

Spending money on the newest TV model or a smartphone is unnecessary. Utilize the funds to complete speedy loan EMI payments. Sudden earnings like income tax returns, maturity money from life insurance policies, and bond maturities should be utilized to pay off expensive loans like credit card loans, EMIs, or personal loans.

Use your current investments to pay off debt

You can utilize your current investments to ease your debt situation if it degrades. For example, to pay off your loans, you can take low-interest loans against your life insurance coverage or from the PPF. Then you can pay off your high-interest loan EMIs with loans with low interest.


Through convenient digital payment platforms, you can quickly and easily make your vehicle loan EMI and payments. Payments can be made without writing checks, going to a branch, or standing in line. You only need to take a few simple measures to stop worrying about your monthly EMI payments. You can rapidly, easily, and securely repay a loan online at your convenience. Their customer service professionals are happy to assist you around the clock if you need any support with your online EMI payment. We guarantee that you will have a trouble-free online experience repaying off your existing.

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