Why Buying Genuine Dior Sunglasses Is So Hard?

Why Buying Genuine Dior Sunglasses Is So Hard

Dior, aka Christian Dior, is regarded as one of the most prominent luxury brands on the planet. Famous primarily for its matchless clothing, shoes, fragrance, and fashion accessories, the brand has garnered equal renown in its eyewear products. Whether you want to appease your fun-loving personality or flaunt your stylistic sense, the “distinctively Dior” Montaigne frames have it all for you.

The issue, however, with Dior sunglasses, just as prevalent with every reputed brand, is the fake eyewear available in abundance all around. An experience of buying knock-off pairs would severely daunt your love for real Dior, leaving you with the question, why is it so easy to stumble upon replicas? Why buying genuine Dior shades is so hard or you should check Boat Outfitters also?

We’ve got your rightful curiosity covered. Here’s our take on why it’s hard to get authentic Dior frames, particularly online:

Why are Real Dior Shades Hard to Find?

  • Immense Popularity of Dior

Yes, you heard it right! The remarkable fame of not just Christian Dior but every renowned fashion brand indirectly contributes to a larger number of their replicas. With enormous popularity, more and more people tend to fancy the label rendering counterfeiters to come up with their knock-offs. A higher density of fake or replica Dior sunglasses in every other brick and mortar store, in turn, makes it hard to filter out genuine pairs.

  • More Detailed Replicas

Fashion certainly is reaching new heights every passing season. But something similar is happening on the darker side as well. Imitators are increasingly adding more details into their replicas.

In the past, you could tell fake and real Dior pairs apart simply by spotting the crucial markings (such as logo and serial code) on the inner side of the left temple. Today, most forgers imprint exact similar details on their replicas. Some even come up with an identical serial code.

So, when spotting fake vs real sunglasses now, you need to scrutinize every single detail relevant to genuine Dior frames, which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

  • Access Made Easy

One of the reasons why replicas are made is their meager price. They do not feature genuine lenses, nor do they possess the sophistication you will find in legit Dior sunglasses.

These traits significantly reduce their prices, sometimes to even 90% off the original price tag. And it’s of no doubt that lesser prices for such cunningly “intricate” knock-offs would be alluring for the masses.

  • Increasing Trends of Online Shopping

According to Shades Hut, one of the leading Glasses Store with million dollar inventory. The pandemic has had a drastic effect on the in-store shopping trend. Even after the restrictions were eased down, scores of people still chose to shop online rather than heading to the store. This ultimately made it almost impossible to examine the product physically before buying. Tyron Kunat, spokesperson for ShadesHut said “The difference in the quantity being sold inside stores and online is significant. We are having a hard time managing inventories.”

Failing to inspect all the facets of the product, people end up buying fake Dior sunglasses. Therefore, whenever you shop shades or eyeglasses online, always prefer a website that offers authentic products with a guarantee/full refund.

  • Lack of Awareness

Well, it isn’t just the clever approach of counterfeiters that makes authentic Dior hard to buy. The onus, somewhat, is also on the people’s lacking grasp on the harmful effects of fake sunglasses.

The exceptional discounts might tempt you enough to experience the class of Dior via an intricate replica. But it’s also worth noting that wearing unpolarized shades in the name of polarized ones is potentially dangerous for your eyes.

Genuine Dior lenses are equipped with UVA/UVB protection feature alongside sturdy frame material that prolongs their lifetime. On the contrary, when wearing unprotected shades under the sunlight, your eyes are always prone to glaring UV radiation.

Now, we’ve just mentioned the risk of online shopping and how hard it is to authenticate real sunglasses online. But after all, you still have to shop online and find a way to authenticate a website. Buying genuine Dior sunglasses is indeed a daunting task given the rise of countless forgers and imitators. Particularly, if you’re willing to buy online, you need to be extremely careful and fend off the risk of fake Dior by authenticating the website.

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