Why Do Japanese Online Casino Players Search for Offshore Sites?

Among Japanese casino gamers, the demand for offshore casino websites has taken off in the last year. Playing your favorite games online is becoming more popular than ever among the Japanese. They are always looking for fun and thrilling new games to keep things interesting.

When it comes to gambling, there are several reasons why Japanese players prefer to play for real money at an offshore licensed casino rather than a domestic one.

However, are they a scam? Is it safe and legal?  In this article, our author, Narimi Murayama, a casino expert, believes that オフショアに拠点を置くインターネットカジノは、ローカルに拠点を置くものと同じくらい合法または安全です. He will also educate readers on what to look for in the top offshore online casinos.

What Is an Offshore Online Casino?

In the world of online casinos, an “offshore” casino is based in a nation other than your own. Most of the world’s leading Internet casinos are located outside of your own country, which is why the terms “offshore casino’ or ‘offshore online casino” are so frequently used in reviews and online gambling guides for new and seasoned gamblers alike.

Is it Safe to Play at Offshore Online Casinos?

Online casinos that are based offshore are no less legit or safe than those that are based locally. The only difference between an onshore and an offshore casino is that the former is located in a different nation, but the latter is still subject to the same licensing, auditing, and regulation requirements as onshore casinos.

Benefits of Playing at an Offshore Online Casino

The following is the list of advantages Japanese players benefit from while playing at an offshore online casino.

Easily Available

Because they are so easy to regulate, offshore gambling sites have become widely used. For the most part, international gaming commissions do not intervene in the way gambling sites deal with their customers as long as they are not breaking any laws. When it comes to bonuses and KYC verification, external sites can give whatever they want to their players and accept whatever personal documents they prefer. Licensed websites and applications are not hindered by regulatory restrictions imposed by gambling commissions. 

An Array of Extra Bonuses

They provide a generous array of bonuses and rewards that one can take advantage of to maximize their winnings. Players can enjoy slots for longer and earn more money without spending much, thanks to the bonuses offered by online casinos. Bonuses, new deposit offers, free spins, and other perks will be offered your way on a regular basis.

Wonderfully Low Taxes!

An extra tax-free source of income is available if you wish to become a master of casino games or sports betting on offshore gambling sites.

You Can Play Whenever and Wherever You Choose!

A wide range of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, can be used to play at offshore casinos. It’s also worth noting that a number of high-end online casinos also offer their customers apps, which they can install on their phones or tablets and immediately receive a free five-dollar bonus.

Offshore casinos use HTML5 technology, which means that all games can be played on smartphones and tablets without the need for a browser plugin. In addition, you can try out all of the games for free before you decide to spend real money on them.

Use of Digital Currencies

Dollars, Euros, Yen, British Pounds, and Bitcoin are just a few of the digital and fiat currencies that offshore online casinos accept. Bank cards and e-wallets, both of which are widely accepted by Japanese gamers, are accepted at several offshore casinos.

A List of Things to Look for in an Offshore Online Casino

To be protected, make sure the offshore online casino is located in the foreign country for which it has been granted a license, and check to see if it is protected by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the industry standard for secure sites like banks and other financial institutions. If they accept well-known payment methods like Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard for deposits and withdrawals, they’re reliable.

These casinos should also be checked for their legality by players. Legal and legitimate information on online casinos can be found at the bottom of the web page, in the terms and conditions of the site, or through live chat representatives.

In addition, players should always examine the reviews of online casinos to see if they have a solid reputation on gambling sites and blogs before engaging in any offshore gambling. Gaming options should be extensive, with high-quality graphics and a favorable gaming experience required.


At offshore casinos, players get the chance to play titles that aren’t available in real-life casinos, and they can often personalize their experience with live dealer games.

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