Why Does Your Business Need Localization?

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Going international and reaching potential customers from abroad requires appropriate localization services. What are they and why does your business need them?

According to the Visual Capitalist report, even up to 60.4% of websites ranked in top Google positions are created in English. This means that running a page that isn’t adapted to international audiences reduces your chances of succeeding and reaching users potentially interested in your offer. Fortunately, content localization solves the problem.

Content localization – what is it?

It turns out that even those who come across the above mentioned term for the first time in their lifetime know that localization exists and it’s crucial for positive user experience.

Do you remember situations when you entered websites in a foreign language and the content was all Greek to you? Or maybe you read some documents or articles with wrongly translated concepts? All of this is a result of poor localization or, actually, lack of localization.

Localization is a multifaceted discipline that aims at adapting texts, website layouts and graphics to local audiences so that they get the impression that the content was originally created for them. It requires careful thinking, conscientiousness, expertise in a given field and knowledge of both source and target languages.

Why does your business need localization?

Localization doesn’t revolve solely around language. It covers numerous aspects such as:

  • adaptation of currencies and units of measurements,
  • adequate formatting of elements like dates or addresses,
  • adaptation of website layout to a specific language (translations from Italian or French tend to be much shorter due to the amount of applied words, therefore the web layout requires some changes to remain user-friendly and transparent),
  • choice of graphics that are acceptable in a given culture,
  • adaptation to requirements and law regulations of the target language.

Communicating a message that inspires action makes it possible to attract the attention of potential buyers. Localization experts with profound knowledge of your brand, industry and markets are able to naturally engage with recipients.

Moreover, their insight into the culture of the market you wish to enter helps to avoid faux pas and guarantees that your brand will voice its message in a precise and adequate way.

Professional localization services enable conveying values advocated by your business and give you enormous possibilities to expand. Every aspiring company needs content localization to ensure that its adventure with a new market starts off on the right foot.

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