Why Foam Board Printing Is Gaining Such A Big Popularity Base These Days

Why Foam Board Printing Is Gaining Such A Big Popularity Base These Days

Also known as foam core or paper-faced board, foam board is pretty much light in weight and can be used for easily cut materials used for mounting the photographic prints. It can be used as a backup for the picture framing and for making scale models too. It comprises the board of the polystyrene foam clad, which comes with an outer paper facing on either side.

Right now, this kind of board is widely used for printing sessions and for advertising purposes. No matter whatever kind of message you want to provide to the probable customers, foam board printing seems to be a good call to address that. So, it is vital to get in touch with the best companies working on these printing values now!

Light in weight and durable material:

These foam boards are pretty much light in weight and also a durable material. It is easy to cut and will make up for a favorite material for the mounting banners, posters, and even for those photographic prints. The polystyrene clad center is layered right between two matte papers for that compact look and feel. This kind of printed board is made in such a manner that will enhance its longevity for a good time.

Known to be adhesive friendly:

Foam board-based posters are easy to mount on walls because of their light weighted body. Therefore, you can easily use the removable adhesives for displaying those posters in heavy traffic areas. Just be sure not to use any form of adhesive, which will leave permanent damage to the surface. Otherwise, using such foam board printed poster is a good call to gain people’s attention.

Perfect weight to maneuver:

Moreover, light in weight is another characteristic for you to consider while dealing with foam-based printing boards. These posters are light because the printed boards are made using light in weight foam. This material provides a lot of versatility and will make it a lot easier to transport. They are perfect options to use in case you are displaying your products frequently at shows or selling them from various locations.

The proper use of Fome-cor:

There are multiple materials used for manufacturing these foam boards used for advertising. These popular boards are known for their performance. The top-notch quality extruded polystyrene foam is used with clay-coated black or white paper facers.

  • This form of material is perfect for the die-cutting and will offer that compressed edge that remains close and will retain its shape for a pretty long time.
  • The heat-activated material will eliminate the need for hot melting tissue stock and can also be used on heated mechanical or vacuum dry mounting press.
  • The adhesive remains activated with the lower temperature settings for that damage-free mount every time.

So, next time you are planning to get foam boards as posters, be sure to check out this material first and then take a call.

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