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Why I’m Passionate about Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging

While traditional home staging has been a common practice for decades, virtual home staging is a relatively new concept in real estate. It means enhancing a property by digitally adding design elements such as furniture and décor. In addition, you can alter the paint on the walls and the flooring to suit design styles that appeal to your target market. The experts at Bella Staging can help you start your virtual staging journey professionally.

As a real estate stakeholder, I am passionate about home staging as it is a conduit to successful property sales. Virtually staging a house impresses prospective buyers by bringing out the property’s best aspects. In addition, you can boost your property’s visual appeal by giving potential buyers a taste of what it can offer. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Virtual staging has a lot more to offer and this is the driving force behind my passion for this technique. In case you are wondering why I’m so passionate about it, these are the reasons:

It Is the Best Preview of a Home

Online marketing has taken the world by storm and more people are using the internet to make purchasing decisions. This being the case, convincing a potential buyer to purchase a property that they cannot see themselves in is difficult.

Therefore, as a real estate investor or realtor, you need to make the home as appealing as possible to make any sale. Staging a home virtually gives you the chance to give buyers the best preview of what the home could be if they had it. In addition, if your buyers had no decoration ideas, it is the perfect way to use design elements to suggest decorative ideas. This is a sure way of selling the home as fast as possible. You’ll make the most out of the sale.

Virtual Staging Is a Cheaper Option

Virtual Staging Is a Cheaper Option

Compared to traditional home staging, virtually staging a house costs less. Traditional home staging requires purchase or hire of furniture, transportation, hiring a stager, and photography; all at a cost. In fact, it costs more when staging a bigger house. It takes longer for the house to get off the market.

You will be left with very huge bills for furniture rentals. Moreover, it can be worse if the house doesn’t sell. With virtual staging, regardless of the size of the house and how long it takes to sell, it is the better option. This is because your empty property can be virtually furnished and decorated at a cheaper rate. In addition, the cost per image is on a one-time basis, contrary to hiring charges in physical staging.

Virtual Home Staging Is Convenient and Saves Time

Imagine the amount of time it could take to identify furniture pieces that would blend well with your design style. Add that to the process of shipping or transporting them, hiring a staging company, and actually staging the house for photography.

Too much of a hassle, isn’t it? Now imagine the time you will save when you just take a day to photograph your house. Then stage it virtually in a few hours. This is not only convenient to you, but it will save the time you would have otherwise spent preparing and executing physical staging.

You Can Customize Virtual Staging to Meet the Clients’ Needs

Customize Virtual Staging

Virtual staging software has several design elements. You can pick a style to go with your house or clients’ needs. Depending on the demographics of your potential clients, staging a house virtually gives you flexibility in customizing designs. Traditional home staging will cost more and take more time to create different sets of arrangements.

However, virtually staging a house can have a single house with different design styles depending on the preferences of clients. You can also have different sets of arrangements staged as per the type of client. For example, what a married couple with kids needs will vary from what a newly-wed couple or elderly couple will need. In addition, staging virtually allows you to switch interior designs according to your clients’ preferences on request.

Gives Remodeling Ideas

You may have recently purchased a house to sell it at a higher price after some renovations or remodeling. However, knowing the exact upgrades that would meet your clients’ needs or preferences is not easy.  You may spend money on upgrades or remodeling of certain sections of it but still fail to sell the house.

Alternatively, the clients may not like the upgrades and negotiate a lower purchase price since they will be doing more work on it.  Virtual stagers can design upgrades or remodel some sections in different ways. Clients’ reactions to the same can help you choose the best remodeling option. Moreover, these remodeling ideas can boost your sales because some clients would appreciate the additions.

Final Thoughts

Whether the cost is an issue or not, virtual staging remains the ideal yet effective marketing tool for online property listing. You may be in a position to afford traditional home staging but the benefits of virtual home staging make it a great alternative.

However, to fully appreciate the impact of virtually staging your home, you should work with a professional digital stager. With the right virtual stager, the right technique and tools you can impress prospective buyers with your home’s visual appeal.

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