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Why Industrial Style Wood Furniture Will Work in Any Space

Home furniture and décor trends rotate and change constantly. Every year, new colours, finishes, fabrics and furniture pieces are touted as ‘the next big thing!’In the 70s, it was bright colours and geometric patterns. In the 80s, we saw pastels and soft lines. Then in the 90s, came frilly cushions and stencilled walls.

That said, there are some ever-lasting trends that never quite go out of style. With origins stemming from the Industrial Revolution, industrial furniture pieces—and the whole industrial vibe in general—has been able to weather this ever-revolving door of home décor trends. Whether it be reclaimed wood tables for your dining room with stylish wrought iron legs or a refinished vintage locker for your mud room, industrial pieces look fantastic in any home — regardless of the building’s age or style.

Learn more about industrial and wood furniture and how it suits a wide variety of home needs, styles, sizes and more. This trend is never not trendy!

What is Industrial Furniture?

So, what exactly is industrial furniture? As touched upon above, industrial furniture is derived and inspired by the stylings of old factories and warehouses (and today you can spot many current apartments and lofts situated in these old workspaces).

Industrial furniture encompasses hard lines, natural materials (like metal, brick, iron, concrete and bold and minimal woods —no plastics here!), lots of reclaimed elements (lumber could be sourced from old barns or wine barrels, for example),natural light, and deep earthy tones. The industrial look is anything but delicate, but there’s an undeniable beauty in its bluntness.

How Does the Industrial Design Aesthetic Stay in Style?

A piece of furniture with an industrial design aesthetic will transition seamlessly over the decades—we’ve seen the industrial look stay in-style since the mid-1800s!Because of this, your industrial furniture will retain its ability to look fantastic, regardless of any home décor modifications and updates (even if you move to an entirely new home!).

Industrial Furniture Pieces Are Easy to Style

Because of industrial furniture’s minimal style, its hard, clean lines, and its muted colour palette, there’s no visual busyness in the pieces themselves. This simplicity is fantastic as it means you can embellish, accessorize and spruce things up regularly based on new and emerging trends. Think seasonal home décor accessories on your bookshelves, festive place settings at your dining table for the holidays, or new coasters and floral arrangements for your coffee table.

Metals Go Hand-in-Hand with Wooden Materials

It might sound surprising, but polished steel, chrome, powdered metal, or iron elements meld incredibly well with more organic, naturally derived materials and muted tones. For example: a dark, stained coffee table made from reclaimed lumber will look great in a stylish, minimal loft space that hearkens back to an old warehouse. It will look equally fabulous in a cottage-chic bungalow. An angular dining room table with welded metal legs looks incredible with a solid wood (maybe cherry or pine?) tabletop.

In the end, if you’re hoping to capture a timeless look, try some spotlight industrial-style furniture in your home. Don’t be afraid to go bold!

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