Why is Not Opening? How do I Fix It?

Unable to access Tried everything but not opening for you? WE have got you covered. This post will unveil several troubleshooting ways to get rid of the failed to connect issue. Read on.

Fixed: Not Opening

Are You Sure You Entered the Correct IP Address?

A lot of users mistakenly type the incorrect IP address in hurry. Due to this, they get stuck with error pop-ups saying not working or can’t reach the site. So, it is recommended to double-check the IP address after typing it and before pressing the Enter key.

Any single misspell is enough to make you unable to access the admin login page for your Netgear WiFi router. Below-given are the incorrect entries that users generally enter:

  • http:///192168.01
  • 168.l.l
  • l68.1.l
  • I68.I.1
  • 168.1.I
  • 168.I.I
  • 168.11

The only correct entry is or You can also enter the IP without http or https.

Quick Tip: Maybe is not the default IP used by your Netgear WiFi router. Let us tell you that Netgear routers come in different models and the default IP address can vary as the model you own. However, you can check the manual of your router for such details. For instance, if you own an N600 router, then you are required to check the Netgear N600 manual to find its default IP address.

Did You Enter the IP Address in Search Bar?

Typing the IP address in the search bar rather than the address bar will result in the same issue. Be very careful while typing the IP address. For your information, the address bar is located in the top-left corner of a web browser window whereas the search bar is present on the right side.

Is Your Netgear Router Turned On?

In the event that your Netgear WiFi router is turned off and you are trying to access admin login page, you will not be able to do so.

The web admin panel only works if your router is properly powered on. It should receive constant power supply from the wall socket. What’s more, the wall socket should not be damaged or short-circuited.

Also, the power adapter of your router should not include any tears or cuts.

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Are You Using an Updated Web Browser?

Using an outdated web browser for logging into admin panel will also result in the issue. That’s why, it is suggested you to use the latest web browser version for accessing IP address.

Furthermore, the web browser you use should not have any cookies, cache, junk files, and browsing history. On the off chance if you are still facing the same issue, switch to another browser and try again to log in to your Netgear WiFi router.

Is There Any Loose Cable Connection?

In order to access the Netgear admin panel, you are required to connect your Netgear wireless router to the home modem. And for this purpose, you need to use an Ethernet cable.

The wired connection between both your devices must be tight and precise. Apart from that, the Ethernet cable you use should not be damaged.

Try to use the Ethernet cable that came within your Netgear router’s box on the purchase.

Why Don’t Try the Web Address?

Still not opening for you? Leave the IP address and switch to the web address. Netgear also offers you the default web address to access the admin panel of your WiFi router. And that default web address is It works in the same manner as that of the IP address.

Here ends our list of the troubleshooting ways to fix the not opening issue. Do you know any other tactic to resolve this problem? If yes, feel free to share that with us via the comments section.

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