Why is the Burning crusade game addictive?

Why is the Burning crusade game addictive

The Burning Crusade is a part of the World of Warcraft games. It was the first expansion of the WoW games and was released in 2007. Two playable races were added with this expansion – Blood Elves of the Horde and Draenei of the Alliance. The level cap was raised to 70and a whole new planet was released – Outland. The new planet had associated raids, dungeons, zones, quests, cities and creatures. A new battleground called the Eye of the Storm was introduced and was only available to those who had the expansion. Players can also play death-match style battles.

The expansion’s name points to the Burning Legions that return. In The Burning Crusade, the legion and its allies are the main enemies which the players fight. The game is super addictive due to the following reasons.

  • In the World of Warcraft, you only got ground transport or use carefully selected flight paths. With the Burning Crusade, the players could fly and take to the skies in an uninhibited path. The entire new world of Outland was designed in a way that kept in mind the graphics and architecture.
  • The Heroic dungeons came into existence with the Burning Crusade. These had greater rewards with difficult experiences. This also could lead to access gear and endgame content. TBC had options for smaller raids too.
  • The game also offers daily quests so that players have something to look forward to if they have tried everything else. This is the reason for players to log on every day. This gives all players easy access to gold for bills and a flourishing economy.
  • Alliance and horde are both able to play paladin and shaman classes. Players can choose to play on whichever side they want to. The game is more streamlined with the Burning Crusade.

In the WoW universe, the Burning Crusade is still fun to play today. Players come together as a group, a community. They perform tasks together and build friendships too. All loot drops can influence the players’ ability to do damage or heal. You can play the game at your pace and don’t have to rush through it. From discovering mobs to farming, all of these are enjoyable. Every progression seems to be significant and danger lurks in every corner of this game. This keeps the excitement high. Players can also get a burning crusade boost by collaborating with an experienced gamer and get ahead in the game.

The reviewers who reviewed the game really liked the graphics, races, new areas, flying mounts, dungeons, continents and exciting quests. What they didn’t appreciate much was the repetitive grinds, and non-addition of classes. The Burning Crusade still remains a much-loved game and attracts a lot of the old players who played the original games. The cult status continues to gather more players creating a strong community of players. Online interaction has created teams and a sense of community. Many friendships have been created over the years because players would connect through WoW games.

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