Why People Are Moving to Ohio in 2022

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Home to a vibrant capital city, major professional sports teams, and landscapes to enjoy through all four seasons, Ohio has even more to offer. For a long time, Ohio has been overlooked and the state has not caught the attention of Americans wanting to relocate. This appears to be changing with more appreciation being displayed for the area in 2022. After reading about the benefits of Ohio living, you might even consider the move.

A Growing Job Market

Ohio has a job market to impress, with the unemployment rate steady and labor force participation on the rise. Ohio’s job market continues to strengthen and appeal to people eager to relocate. The largest industry for employment in Ohio is trade, transportation, and facilities. This is followed by the health care, education, government, and manufacturing sectors. In 2022, it is expected that more Americans will head to the state to explore the growing job market for work opportunities.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Ohio appeals to many American citizens, ranking 13th in the country. With less spending on essential living, people can enjoy life more. Affordable living in Ohio is a primary factor in its popularity, with costly housing across the nation pushing people towards the Midwest in 2022. Alongside this, generous portions of food are available at a low cost. The short, inexpensive commutes attract people who are fed up with long journeys that break the bank. The cost of living is without a doubt a factor in the increase in population in Ohio and is sure to be an upward trend this year.

The state presents many opportunities to get loans in Ohio where needed, with a variety of companies willing to provide financial support during or after the move.


Multiple nationally ranked institutions can be found in Ohio, including Case Western Reserve University, Kenyon College, Denison University, and Oberlin College. The state is noted internationally for research and scholarships in many areas, with world-class programs, not to mention the incredible athletic community for sports students. As a result of the reasonable cost of living, Ohio is a promising state for students to relocate to in 2022, where they can save money whilst studying.

Family Friendly

To complement the factors of a growing job market, a reasonable cost of living and noteworthy education institutions, Ohio has much more to provide for a family moving to the area. This includes endless activities to suit everyone, from state parks, cultural tours, walking tours, and even beer and brewery tours. The cities of Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, and Sandusky are popular choices for visitors, and relocators alike. Ohio has something for everyone to enjoy in 2022.

People are moving to Ohio in 2022 for the cost of living, growing job market, education, and family-friendly benefits among much more. The state allows you to live comfortably and enjoy the little things, making it worth relocating to this year. With a movement towards further improvement, the benefits of Ohio living are set to get even better. Moving to Ohio might be right for you and your family if this sounds appealing.

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