Why polar care Kodiak is the best alternative for your ankle

polar care Kodiak

If you have sprained your ankle during a soccer match, twisted your ankle while you were running, or you hurt your ankle tendons during a football game, you must immediately seek treatment to avoid any further damage to your ankle. After all, once you sprain your ankle once, your ligaments and tendons will be stretched – leading to a higher chance of injury in the future.

Ankle injuries are extremely common in all types of sports. Since ankle injuries are especially prevalent in sports where there is contact, cutting on hard surfaces, and using your feet, you will find that ankle sprains and tears are common in sports like soccer, tennis, football, basketball, and rugby.

Avoid an ankle injury from worsening over time or causing you to miss your entire sports season by using the right therapy and treatment modality. Instead of just putting an ice pack on your ankle for the first few hours – and then avoiding treatment altogether – we have a better solution for you: the polar care Kodiak. By combining compression and cold therapy into one modality, you can effectively treat the cause of your ankle issue as soon as you feel the injury happen. Click here to buy a polar care Kodiak for you.

Why do you need to use the polar care Kodiak for treatment immediately after sports injuries!

Polar care Kodiak is an easy-to-use and simple method that can be used on the team bus, at home, in an athletic trainer’s office, or on the side of the field. Due to the portability and small size of this cold therapy system, you don’t have to worry about how you can get treatment immediately after an injury. Avoid any post-injury swelling and further damage by using the polar care Kodiak as soon as something happens during a game or practice.

By just adding ice and water, you can use the polar care Kodiak system to provide between 6 and 8 hours of cold therapy to the affected area. For your ankle, you can use the self-adjustable and removable straps to wrap around your ankle, providing compression and cold therapy at the same time.

Instead of just using an ice pack, which does not add any comparison to your ankle, you can use the polar care Kodiak to combine the benefits of both therapy methods into one solution. Using the polar care Kodiak ensures that you can immediately begin treating your ankle sprain or ligament tears by using this portable and convenient method.

Not to mention, using the polar care Kodiak is easy to do from the comfort of your own home. After you have received treatment immediately after your injury on the side of the field or the court, you can bring the polar care Kodiak unit home with you. Since the unit is small, portable, and easy to handle, you can simply carry this cooler-size mechanism home with you.

When you are home, the set-up is very simple to figure out and easy to use for the first time. Even if you are not an athletic trainer and you are not sure how the body works, the set-up is simple enough that anyone can use it on their own! Just read the instructions once or view a tutorial to see the best way to use the polar care Kodiak unit. Once you have read the instructions, asked the athletic trainer how to operate the mechanism, or looked online at a tutorial, you can begin using this polar care Kodiak at home – the best time to continue using this treatment method is in the first 24 hours after an injury. Using cold and compression therapy can help you reduce swelling, prevent further damage, and restore a full range of motion.


If you are an athletic trainer and you are trying to find the most compact, portable, and flexible method to help treat your athletes after an accident, then you should use polar care Kodiak. For intense athletes who want to be able to treat themselves from the comfort of their own home, the polar care Kodiak is the best purchase that you can use for multiple parts of your body! Use the polar care Kodiak on your ankle after a nasty sprain to avoid long-term damage, ligament concern, and further swelling.

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