Why Relationships After 40 Can Be Happier

For many people who have crossed the line of 40, the idea of new romantic meetings and the search for their own happiness evokes, if not panic and fear, then certainly a feeling of discomfort.

However, having gained experience and self-confidence, knowing what true difficulties are, and having learned to appreciate life, right now, you are on the verge of wonderful and interesting changes that come with new Ladadate acquaintances.

Fears of Youth

From now, we do not lose anything but only gain. When we were 20, it seemed that we should get everything the best in this life. This is propagandized by society and the media, and it is hard to resist this in youth. At stake were:

  • the best career,
  • a successful marriage,

And everyone was mortally afraid to lose. Tired of the race and the eternal competition with each other, after 40, we want to relax and start enjoying life. We are finally free from the fear (of being late and not achieving something) that has haunted us before.

A Run of Good Luck

After 40, people come to terms with those with whom they endlessly fought in their youth:

  • parents,
  • ex-spouses,
  • their body, which seemed to them imperfect.

They less criticize themselves for being bad parents — they found a common language with many of their inner demons. And even if they raise their heads, the mature wisdom that people have gained after 40 helps them to look at them with humor. They more calmly accept their imperfections, do not try to embrace immensity, and become winners in all spheres of life.

New Romance

After 40, people have finally come closer to themselves and their true desires, and they have no need to urgently and by all means find a soulmate. They do not deceive and do not look for a non-existent ideal. They need a close and understanding person. And they are ready to become a sensitive partner who knows how not to quarrel over trifles and to forgive imperfections for the sake of the main thing that we appreciate. They evaluate the true qualities of a person, and it is more difficult to charm them with techniques that previously, due to inexperience, they could have mistaken for sincerity.

People after 40 do not hypnotize the phone if a new partner hasn’t called for some reason. They can easily forget about an unsuccessful date because now, they know their own worth well. They know with which person they feel calm, easy, and interesting, and they are aware of the boundaries of compromises that are comfortable for them.

This sets them apart from who they were 20 years ago. They have gone through certain life lessons, learned from mistakes, and they still have a lot ahead of them. As people used to say, encouraging their close ones in moments when they were not sure of themselves, “Think, if something happens, then obviously only good things.” In this case, people are right.

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