Why Should Grenada Be on Your Bucket List

Grenada is a beautiful country located in the Caribbean Sea. But it is not your typical Caribbean destination. Grenada is home to spice plantations, massive waterfalls, rugged coastlines, and of course, not forgetting the magnificent beaches.

If you are looking forward to spending a fantastic summer holiday, look no further. Grenada should top your list. It is a heavenly place ideal for spending your summer holiday. Other than that, Grenada has more rewarding benefits that you would not want to miss out on. 

Below, we’ve rounded up even more reasons why Grenada should top your dream destination. Read on to find out what makes this island unique, then get busy planning your trip to Grenada island.

What You Ought to Know About Traveling to Grenada

Before you plan your travels, know that you have an option to apply for citizenship as Grenada passport requirements are easy to accomplish. They offer citizenship to interested individuals through many ways including citizenship by investment. 

While visa requirements to travel to Grenada are based on your country of citizenship. But in most cases, no visa is required. Citizens of the U.S. do not need a tourist visa to enter Grenada. However, a valid U.S. passport is needed. 

Below are some of the other things you need to know and why Grenada should be on your bucket list. 

  • Availability of Investment Opportunities

For investors looking for a solid, international real estate investment, consider the unique opportunity available in Grenada. There are a few benefits of investing here.  For instance, this nation, considered the spice island, offers investors a chance to secure a better future for their families as they allow citizenship applications for family members as well. There are many reasons to invest in Grenada other than its beautiful sceneries, the beautiful beaches, the crystal blue water, and nutmeg scented breezes.

  • Dual Citizenship in Grenada

There is nothing good like having the ability to live and work in two countries. The same applies to owning a property in both countries and traveling between the countries with relative ease. 

Just by investing the U.S. $220000 via a limited partnership structure, plus associated fees in government-approved real estate projects. Investors and their families are granted dual citizenship in Grenada. 

Additionally, no visit to or residence on the IslandIsland is needed. This program offers swift processing of second citizenship for dependent children below 30 years, grandparents, parents, and unmarried siblings of the investor. After five years of owning an investment, the investor has the authority to resell the investment to another buyer who may also apply for dual citizenship while the original investor gets to maintain his or her citizenship in eternality.

If you wish to exit, an exit option allows you to realize a capital gain on the investment after being in possession for five years. Therefore, if you wish to be an investor, this is an excellent opportunity to jump in and make a difference.

  • Real Estate Project

Six Senses La Sagesse is one of the government-approved projects approved for the program and Range Developments’ third in the Caribbean. The project is expected to be finalized in late 2022. It is aimed to feature one hundred luxury rooms and suites, oceanfront villas, shops, spas, and water sports facilities.

Six Senses is popularly recognized as the industry leader in developing sustainable hotels and resorts, committing to respect the local environment. The resort will be located on the best beaches in the Caribbean and fifteen minutes away from Grenada’s airport.

  • Opportunity to be a Resident in the United States of America

Well, if you have ever wished to be a citizen in the United States of America this can be your chance. With Grenada citizenship, it’s guaranteed you will be granted the opportunity to become a resident in the U.S. Investors who are citizens of Grenada are offered access to the U.S.A. E2 visa application.

For an investor to be granted residency in the U.S., you have to make an investment of a minimum of U.S. $150,000 in the United States in a business they can make and direct. Grenada is the only country known to offer this access, allowing for visa exemption for travel to approximately 140 countries. This includes the E.U. Schengen area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Russia.  

Additionally, Grenada is one of the six countries globally with a visa waiver agreement on a 30-day stay with China. The best thing about getting the E2 visa. It is the opportunity to reside in the U.S.A. for up to 122 days without paying tax on his or her word wicked income.

  • The Beaches in Grenada are Quiet and Unspoilt

For travelers who have a hard time choosing where they want to go, Grenada has got your back. The nieces are to die for. Furthermore, what is better than a quiet and friendly beach on a summer holiday. Well, Grenada has over fifty breathtaking beaches that you may want to consider paying a visit. Grenada is located in the Caribbean islands. Hence finding a beach that best suits you is just a walk in the park. 

Every beach has a different style with different encounters you would wish to experience. Grand Anse Beach is a top-rated beach on the IslandIsland. The Pink Gin, Morne Rouge, and Black Bay are some of the beaches you may opt to dive into the warm waters of Grenada Island. 

Suppose it’s your first trip to Grenada island. Then it’s recommended to keep away from crowded beaches for a remarkable experience. Choose a less crowded beach. You can preferably opt for one of the several breaches as recommended above.

Bottom Line

Grenada is a good vacation getaway. Apart from that, Grenada has rewarding opportunities other than adventurous experiences like lovely beaches, waterfalls, hiking trails, and the Grenada festivals. If you wish to be an investor, Grenada has a lot of opportunities you could jump to. 

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