Why Should You Expunge Your Criminal Record?

Having a criminal record can negatively affect your life. For instance, criminal arrest, conviction, criminal charges, etc. can deny you key things in life. For instance, some employers will want to see your criminal record before hiring you. However, you can expunge this criminal record. Doing this can benefit your life in many ways. Hire the best Expungement Attorney in Virginia and clean your records. The following are key benefits of expunging criminal details from your records.

What’s Criminal Record Expungement?

To expunge a criminal record involves following a strict legal process to seal off your criminal record. Doing this allows you to access better education and job opportunities. Having a clean criminal record removes the stigma from your side. You can also seek government assistance without any issues.

According to experts, this process is all about investing in your future. It erases your records, allowing you to access better opportunities. Thus, don’t let your past criminal records destroy your future. You can erase it and access those dream job opportunities. Remember, the best schools in the world demand students with clean criminal records.

Better Employment Opportunities 

Every student dream of having that dream job. But hey—did you know that a bad criminal record can deny you the best job opportunities? Well, it’s a fact. Having a bad criminal record will lock you in that dream job. The good news is that you can erase that criminal record and still access these jobs.

Expunging a criminal record is like an investment for your future. Get the right criminal lawyer and remove these details. Follow all the procedures to have your name cleared.

Don’t work on multiple low paying jobs. Instead, clean your record. Grab that dream job opportunity. Leave the life you have dreamt. Plus, having a clean record improves your confidence, especially when looking for jobs.

Enhanced Education Opportunities 

Education can change your life. Getting the best education can make your life better. However, high-end education opportunities require students with clean criminal records. If you were convicted in the past, a university can deny you admission into your dream course. However, that shouldn’t scare you. Clean your records and seek admission from that dream university. Allow your criminal lawyer to help you expunge those criminal records.

Remember, getting into the most competitive graduate programs can be challenging. In most cases, your university will admit students based on their criminal records. A bad criminal record may end up costing you that dream education opportunity.

No Stigma

You have moved on. You don’t make those mistakes anymore. However, there are people out there who view you as a criminal. Stigma can negatively affect your life. In most cases, you will worry about relatives, friends, or colleagues finding out about your past criminal record.

Expunge those records and live a life without worries. Hire the right criminal lawyer and remove these bad records. Move around with confidence. Eliminate stigma from your life.  

Better Housing Options

Most landlords conduct background checks before admitting tenants. If you have a criminal record, your chances of getting a good house to rent will reduce. Landlords will subject you to a rigorous vetting process before allowing you to sign the rental agreement. Expunge your criminal record to access better housing options. Ask your lawyer to initiate the process of cleaning your record for a better future.

Expand Your Family

You cannot adopt kids if you have a criminal record. Thus, clean it first. In most cases, you will be subjected to rigorous background checks before being allowed to adopt kids. The concerned department will only approve an adoption to parents with clean records.

Use an expungement to remove all criminal incidents from your records. Having a clean record portrays you as a responsible parent. The state does not want to hand over adopted kids to irresponsible parents. Thus, clean your records today.

Qualify For Public Assistance

If you have prior felony-based convictions in the past, you might suffer from collateral consequences. This means that you will serve punishments even after your sentence is complete. For instance, the state doesn’t offer food stamps or Temporary Assistance to drug convicts. Use an expungement to clean your record. This will help you qualify for these essential benefits. Your lawyer will handle all the steps.

Insurance Premiums

DUI cases can have negative effects on your car insurance premiums. DUI offenders are considered risky. Thus, they are usually subjected to higher premiums. Use an expungement to qualify for lower car premiums. Plus, a clean record will also help you get a CDL license. CDL licenses are not granted to DUI convicts.

Contribute to The Society

Don’t you want to give back to your community? Well, clean your records. Popular volunteer groups admit people with clean records. Having a criminal record will deny you an opportunity to give back to society. For instance, popular volunteer groups such as Boy Scouts and Little League don’t admit people with criminal records. An expungement will open your doors. It will give you access to exciting opportunities.

You can start living again. Having a clean record allows you to volunteer, mentor people, and even chaperone in school events.

Live A Private Life

Cetin types of people love preying on other people’s lives. It can be a noisy neighbor or a family member. Also, coworkers will try to prey on your business. Unfortunately, people can easily access your criminal records. An expungement will help you combat this issue so that you can live a private life. An expungement will remove all traces of criminal records, which is an important step towards leading a private life.

Get Promotions

Of course, you can secure a job with a criminal record. Well, that’s good. However, issues start coming up during promotions. With a criminal record, it becomes very hard to get promoted. Stagnating in one position for a long is limiting both financially and professionally.

Don’t allow a bad criminal record to deny you a promotion. Clean it. Plus, obtaining certain licenses requires a clean criminal record. For instance, you cannot obtain an estate license with a bad criminal record. Also, you will find it hard to further your studies with a criminal record. Use an expungement to position yourself for better opportunities in your company.

What are The Eligibility Criteria?

Talk to your lawyer. Different states have different rules regarding expungements. You can use online eligibility tools to determine your eligibility. Plus, consider scheduling a case assessment with your lawyer to determine the way forward.

Make sure that you are hiring an experienced lawyer. Read reviews to ascertain the type of lawyer you are dealing with. Ask for referrals from other lawyers. Also, conduct a background check to make sure that you are working with a trustworthy lawyer.

Choose a lawyer who is well versed in criminal matters. He/she should have a high success rate. A good lawyer will give you an honest view of your case.

How To Expunge Your Record

Expunging your criminal record can benefit you in many ways. One, you will have access to better job opportunities. Two, you will attend good colleges. Three, you will lead a private life. In a nutshell, expunging your criminal record is like investing in your future. However, it is important to get all the steps right. Here are key tips and tricks you can use to expunge that nagging criminal record of yours.

Check Your Eligibility

Determine your eligibility. Your eligibility depends on your state. For instance, certain states will allow you to expunge your records if you were convicted and later found innocent. Also, if you were pardoned, you are eligible for expungement.


Still more, if your case was later dismissed, you can apply for expungement. It’s also important to note that if your case was dismissed on the grounds of statutes of limitations, you can apply for expungement.

Those who were acquitted during court trials can apply for expungement. Talk to your lawyer first. Assess your case. Determine the strong points in your case. It pays to have a clean criminal record.

Be Patient

This is not a one-step process. It doesn’t overnight. Thus, embrace a lot of patience. Don’t rush. It takes time. Allow the process to go on naturally. Don’t pressure your lawyer. On average, it takes 30 days for the court to set up a hearing. From here, your records will be expunged. Also, it depends on the caseload in your local court. After the hearing, the court may take up to 6 months to determine your case.

Understand The Options

There are different types of cleaning procedures you can leverage to improve your criminal record. It’s imperative to understand the available options before you start the process.


Did you get arrested but weren’t convicted? Well, you still have a chance to clear your name. You can do this through expungement. So long as you completed deferred adjudication, you should have your record expunged. And this can even be easier if you possess a class C misdemeanor.

Non-Disclosure Or Sealing

If you’ve just received deferred adjudication for a felony or a class of misdemeanor, then you might get your record sealed.

Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that certain offenses can’t be sealed. Examples include murder, family violence, sex offenses, as well as, stalking.

Set Aside Orders

Did you complete your probation? If that’s the case, then you might have your name cleared.  Even if a conviction is cleared, it might still show up in certain background checks. 

DUIs and felonies are some of the offenses that aren’t eligible for sealing. The law doesn’t permit the clearance of these offenses.

Probation Termination

Even if you’re on probation, you can still request for early termination or a reduction of its length. You can achieve this by simply petitioning the court.

To qualify for termination, it’s important to ensure that you’ve fully paid your fines and restitution. Plus, you need to ensure that you’ve completed all classes recommended by the court. Once you’ve done all that, the jury will decide whether or not to discharge you.

Restoration of Civil Rights

If you had been convicted, you’ll have to wait for three years to apply for the restoration of your civil rights. You’ll be allowed to apply if you were imprisoned for a crime involving violence, guns, or drugs.

Seal Juvenile Records

Are you looking for a way to clear your juvenile record? Well, for you to qualify, you shouldn’t have any convictions and adjudications. If you received a determinate sentence, you won’t be eligible to have your record sealed.

Hire a Lawyer

Look for an experienced lawyer who’ll offer you the best representation. Expunging a criminal record isn’t always a simple task. There are a lot of complexities and paperwork to handle. As such, it’s important to do extensive research to identify an excellent lawyer who can help you navigate the legal process.

Kick That Criminal Record From Your Life

So, you have finally decided to clear your criminal record? Congratulations. Don’t waste more time. Get the process started as soon as possible. Choose the perfect lawyer to initiate the process and get your record expunged right away.

You don’t have to lead a miserable life because of your past experiences. There’s always a way to clear your name and return things to normalcy. The law allows you to expunge your criminal record and restore your reputation.

Expunging your criminal records allows you to access more job opportunities. You can also further your studies. A clean record allows you to lead a private life. People with good records can participate in community organizations. They can also access better housing options. So, what are you waiting for? Act fast and better your life.

The Bottom-Line

Remove criminal records from your history. Expunging these records can ben befit you in many ways. For instance, it can open your life to better education opportunities. You will have access to jobs. You won’t struggle to get public assistance. You can also expand your family. Expunging criminal records removes the stigma from your life. The above are key benefits of expunging criminal records from your life. 

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