Why Watches Are So Expensive?

Nowadays, everyone is asking why watches are so expensive. In addition, they also question their need in this fast developing world. The reason for their invention and wearing is only to check the time. But as time passed, people wore them for fashion and tried to buy luxury watches.

Why Watches Are So Expensive?

While this is not the reason behind their expensiveness, the price of anything depends upon many factors like in case of the watches, the material, the designers’ efforts, uniqueness in design, and the time and effort while manufacturing and marketing; everything affects the price.

The factors mentioned above are reasons that a manufacturer or brand gives to justify the price. But from a user or buyer’s point of view, you need to keep the following things in mind.

  • Do you really need to buy a watch?
  • For what purpose are you going to purchase it?
  • Is the quality of the watch good enough to serve your purpose?
  • Does it run for a long time?
  • Is it worth buying an expensive watch?

These are questions a buyer must ask himself before deciding to buy one. But let me clear some hidden facts that I’m sure will play a key role in your decision.

Why brands’ watches are so expensive?

You have seen a lot of watch brands in the market, and most of them charge you more. No one can deny that some brands offer excellent quality watches, and their designing, manufacturing, and marketing enhance the prices. Such brands are out of a commoner’s reach.

But simultaneously, you will encounter several brands that offer cheap timepieces having no value at the same high rates. Here the buyer feels the most discomfort while making a decision. However, continue to read the reasons for the high purchase prices of watches and a great solution if you want to buy one within your budget.


Designing is the first factor that enhances the price. The brands always try to showcase a great design that will stand out among their competitors’ products. Behind every design, there is a tremendous dedication, effort, and extensive analysis, making a unique design with utmost effort to resolve the user’s problem. All these things give the design uniqueness and add value to it.


Regarding luxury mechanical men’s watches, the development time and the number of team members both matter. As everyone knows, mechanical watches work on the winding mechanism, but automatic ones offer self-winding.

While focusing on that point and adding water resistance, energy reserving power, and many other features increase the time and effort, which at last raise the price also.

Movement and cost

The development of a movement is the most tricky part. As the watch’s movements are tiny, they need extra care while developing so that it keeps beating while staying accurate. Moreover, manufacturers’ spending on the watches’ development greatly increases the price.  

Is there any watch that offers excellent features on less budget?

Yes, many brands offer great watches at less price, but it’s hard to find the right one. In my view, Wishdoit watches are at my number one position. Even though they offer superb quality watches like gold watches for men, their prices are not as high as others.

In terms of design, they exclusively put effort into bringing elements from the pirate theme and try to match them with the material they are using. They never compromise on the quality of the material; from band to glass, they choose the best and most durable.

They offer outstanding accuracy, combined with a self-winding mechanism, 80 hours of extended energy reservation, and resistance power against water, UV radiation, oxidation, and oil. There is no doubt that it takes a lot of time and effort to design and develop them. Still, as their main aim is to develop watches for ordinary people, they keep the price as low as possible.


I have discussed in detail why watches are so expensive, and I hope you get the reasons behind them. But for all who are tight on budget but still wish to buy a budget-friendly quality watch, my recommendation of wishdoit will surely help you.


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