Wine Tour Packages: Sip, Swirl, And Savor Your Next Vacation

Every person who enjoys wine should take part in a wine tour at least once in their lifetime. Doing so is a great way to try new wines and possibly find a new favorite or two. However, there are some things every person should know before embarking on a wine-tasting tour. Keep the following in mind when embarking on this amazing trip.

The 4 Ss of Wine Tasting

Wine connoisseurs use the four Ss when trying a new beverage. Consider taking advantage of wine tour packages to visit several wineries in one day. Use the four Ss at each winery to compare the offerings. 

  • See the beverage. Pay attention to the color, as deeper colors signal more intense flavors. Look for vibrant and clear wines rather than those that are dull and cloudy.
  • Swirl the wine glass. This releases the aromatics of the wine, making it easier to identify scents.
  • Sniff the glass. If drinking white wine, try to identify the citrus scents. Red wines will have berry or dark and ripe scents, depending on the fruits used in the wine.
  • Sip the wine. When doing so, pay attention to both the scent and the flavor, as the scent affects the flavor.

Cleanse the Palate

Start the wine tour by eating a banana. The mellow taste of the banana removes any aftertaste present in the mouth, such as toothpaste. Consume the banana and then wash it down with a large glass of water. The water removes any residual sweetness from the banana and prepares the mouth for the first wine being tried.

Eating a slice of slightly underripe pineapple is an excellent way to cleanse the palate between wines. The fruit should be crunchy, firm, and yellow. The dryness and acidity of the fruit help refresh the palate while washing away the tannic build-up in preparation for the next wine.

Ask Questions

A wine tour is a great time to learn about pairing foods with wines. Those offering the tours love to share their knowledge with others and will be happy to offer recommendations. However, pairings are only one thing to ask about when taking part in a wine tour.

Learn more about the winemaking process when taking a tour. The process may begin with participants stomping grapes while barefoot, and now is a great time to ask why this is done. Questions about fermenting the fruit are always welcome, and those taking part in the tour may also ask about the history of the local area. A wine tour is an educational experience in every way.

Make Multiple Stops

One benefit of taking part in a wine tour is a person can visit multiple wineries in a short period. These tours often have someone doing the driving so there is no worry about being pulled over for driving under the influence. A person can try wines from different locations to learn which are their favorites and pick up a few bottles if they desire. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with friends, and some tours even last days. There is a wine tour for everyone if they know where to look.

A wine tour is fun. However, it is also a way to learn more about this popular beverage and enjoy time with others who appreciate wine. Friendships are often formed during the tour, and people may find they enjoy the tour so much they want to take part in other tours in the future. This is one trip that is never wasted, so book a tour today. Those who do so won’t regret it.

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