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Are you aware that and are actually two very different platforms? Usually people get confused between and, which leads them to choose the wrong blogging platform for their requirements.

Choosing the right platform is important for your online success so let’s take a look at the differences between self-hosted and individually. – It is actually “the real WordPress” and also the popular website platform which is open-source and 100% free for anyone to use. You only need a domain name and web hosting so it is also referred to as self-hosted WordPress.

Given are the benefits of using the self-hosted to build your website or blog:

Here, you have full control of your website and are free to customize it as much as you need.

  1. The WordPress software is free, open-source and easy to use.
  2. You own your website and all its data. In short, you are in full control.
  3. You are free to add free, paid and custom WordPress plugins to your website.
  4. You can customize your website as needed or add any free or premium WordPress theme. Also, you can create completely custom designs or modify anything.
  5. WordPress site helps you to make money by running your own ads.
  6. You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics for tracking and custom analytics.
  7. A self-hosted WordPress site helps to create an online store to sell digital or physical products, accept credit card payments and deliver or ship the goods directly from your site.

Cons of using the self-hosted site –

  1. You will need web hosting as website files are stored on the internet.
  2. You are responsible for updates which can be easily installed by simply clicking on the update button.
  3. You are responsible for backups as WordPress plugins let you set up automatic backups. – It is a hosting service created by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of WordPress. Its hosting service has 5 plans:

  • Free – Very limited.
  • Personal – $48 per year
  • Premium – $96 per year
  • Business – $300 per year
  • Ecommerce – $540 per year
  • VIP – starting at $5000 per month

Given are the benefits of using the self-hosted to build your website or blog: platform is free and a good choice for bloggers. Here are the benefits of using

  1. com is free up to 3GB of space. Then, you will have to switch to a paid plan for more space.
  2. com takes care of updates and backups itself.

Cons of are discussed below –

Given are some of the disadvantages of using

  1. It has ads on all free websites and your users see those ads but you do not make money from it. If you want that your users do not see their ads, upgrade to a paid plan.
  2. You cannot sell ads ( text or video) on your website.
  3. You are not allowed to upload plugins. Business plan users can install from several plugins.
  4. You cannot upload custom themes. Premium and business plan users can select premium themes and free plan users can install from the limited free themes collection only.
  5. You cannot add Google Analytics or install any other tracking platform. If you are a business plan user then you are allowed to install Google Analytics.
  6. Free is a branded domain so you need a paid plan to get a custom domain name.
  7. If your site violates their terms of service, it can be deleted anytime.
  8. Your site will display a link and can be removed by upgrading to the Business plan.
  9. Unless you switch to the eCommerce plan, doesn’t offer any eCommerce features or integrated payment gateways.
  10. You cannot build membership websites with


Both and offer the easiest way to build a website. Good luck to you! Choose your way and move ahead!

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