Worlds Best Place For Tourism

Worlds Best Place For Tourism

Vietnam is known as the worlds best place for tourism. Vietnam is a country of contrasts, where ancient blends with modern, and natural splendour coexist with vibrant cities. The varied landscapes take you from sea to mountain to rice fields and tropical jungles. Inland as well as on the air, you will find them attractive as its friendly people take you from city to city from city to village from village to beach from the beach to cave from cave to lake from lake to island from island to Vung-lung tunnels.

Hands down Vietnam is the best country for taking a holiday. If you head South, you can live it up on white-sand beaches, swim with whale sharks or have a pampering session in massages, if you want to head north, prepare yourself for wushu training, foot massage and local food. Savannah, GA is a fantastic city to move to in America. If you ever intend to move to Savannah, read this guide here which will share with you tips on moving to Savannah, Georgia.

The Best Tourist Destinations in Vietnam

Below is a list of the beauty of Vietnam that Explore One Vietnam introduced.

Beaches & Islands

A visit to Vietnam is not complete without visiting some of the famous beaches in Vietnam. A visit to My Khe Beach near Danang, Bai Tu Long Bay on Halong Bay, Phu Quoc Island, Nha Trang beach, Mui Ne beach on Chon Thanh Island and Con Dao can be overwhelming. The beaches are not just beautiful, but also wonderful places for you to uncover the beauty of Vietnam’s nature, culture and people. Especially the white sands of Bai Tho, the pink sands of Mui Ne, the emerald waters of Hoi An, the hidden sands of Phu Quoc, the clear waters of Vung Ang, the secluded sands of Con Dao Island … And these are not decisive for these beaches are stunning to us all. Each one has its own interesting charm, attracting visitors with nature like nowhere else.

National Parks

Open your door to the world of travel with Footprint’s Vietnam National Parks. The national parks in Vietnam are the main attractions in Vietnam. There are many national parks in all regions of Vietnam with wide forests, wild animals, biodiversity, clear water, wild fruits….The national parks in Vietnam are mostly located in the central region of Vietnam. The famous parks are Hoang Lien, Cat Ba, Mondolkiri, Ba Be, Phong Nha Ke Bang, Yok Don. These parks are all very beautiful with spectacular natural resources and charming fascinating culture…

Try tasty Vietnamese fruits

Vietnam is a must-visit destination for travellers and you will find many tropical fruit trees in Vietnam. Vietnam is a tropical country with a complete set of climate conditions, suitable for growing a variety of tropical fruit trees. It has the conditions to grow the best tropical fruit trees in Asia. The Vietnamese tropical fruit trees have two advantages, firstly, all of them can be cultivated in Vietnam; secondly, no matter how cold it will be in the winter, there is always a period when they will bear fruits (mainly from April to May), so people have a chance to enjoy fresh fruits.

The top places to visit in Vietnam are listed below.

There are many places of interest that you can choose to visit when in Vietnam. The offbeat capital of Vietnam, known for its French colonial architecture and bustling nightlife, Hanoi is located on the Red River just north of the capital, Hanoi has all the buzz you could want. Straddling the muddy waters of the Red River, it is an effortless place to while away days, while the warm ambience under fire-wisping lanterns is second to none. Hanoi – incredible mountain views, littered with masses of colonial architecture and bustling markets. Hoi An – an example of a vibrant Vietnamese seaside town. Cat Ba island – jungle-covered limestone mountain surrounded by crystal clear waters. Sa Pa – thousands of limestone pinnacles jutting out of verdure carpeted mountains, offering incredible views. Hue – capital city dripping in history and appealing French Colonial architecture. Da Nang – largest seaport and the beach capital of Vietnam with a huge variety of sunbathing and fun activities. Nha Trang – relaxing sandy

The Best Things to do in Vietnam

So many things to do in Vietnam. You can walk around the bustling streets of Hanoi or Saigon, or you can travel to the rural areas and experience more traditional Vietnamese life. From hiking on the Hoang Lien Mountains, checking out the floating village of Chau Doc, to lying on a beach in Nha Trang you will find that there are things to do in Vietnam that match every traveller’s needs. You will discover the diversity of Vietnam with its beautiful scenery and people. It has so much to offer in terms of natural beauty, rich culture and delicious cuisines, you will surely want to come back for more.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is always warm and welcoming! Though you can visit Vietnam anytime, the best times to travel are between October and March. These months are the most popular for visitors to Vietnam, as they offer both pleasant weather and favourable prices.

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