Wrongful Death Lawyers and the Damages They Can Recover

A wrongful death lawyer is an important type of attorney who deals specifically with cases concerning the wrongful death of someone. In Florida, a wrongful death attorney is someone who obtains legal representation when someone’s death is caused accidentally, deliberately, neglect, defaults, breach of warranty or contract. In order to be granted the right to pursue a wrongful death case in court, the client must file a lawsuit within three years of the incident. In instances where no lawsuit has been filed within three years, the surviving loved ones may appoint an estate planner to file a personal injury lawsuit in the probate courts for the decedent’s beneficiaries.


There are many instances in which it is possible to have a wrongful death lawyers file a lawsuit on your behalf. The most common situation involves medical malpractice. A doctor, surgeon, hospital or other health care provider may have caused injury to a patient while doing medical procedures. If the victim has died due to this negligence, the attorney representing the party filing the lawsuit will take care of pursuing the case in probate court. This means that the lawyer will work with the authorities in the jurisdiction in which the incident occurred.

Negotiation andSettlements

Most wrongful death lawyers work exclusively with personal injury lawyers. Many also have experience working with insurance companies and their representatives. They also may retain the services of other attorneys. This means that they can handle all aspects of the case, including locating and assembling a case file, negotiating settlements with defendants, gathering and evaluating evidence, and preparing and presenting all of the necessary discovery to enable a successful personal injury lawsuit to succeed. I am from Portland, and we have some very reputed attorneys if we need help from Portland wrongful death attorney.

Always Hire Experienced Lawyer

In most instances, the best way to identify a qualified wrongful death attorney to assist you with a wrongful death case is to ask friends and family for recommendations. Friends and family members who have experienced personal injury cases will likely have first-hand knowledge of the qualifications of a particular attorney. You can also check with your local bar association to see if there are any complaints about any potential attorneys in your area. You should also contact your state bar association to see if any attorneys have ever been disciplined for unethical behavior. If none of these measures prove useful, then you may wish to consider the services of a reputable nationwide search engine that searches for attorneys by reputation.

Paying Damages to Beneficiaries

In wrongful death lawsuits, the deceased individual’s estate is responsible for paying damages to beneficiaries. The amount of money to be paid will vary greatly depending on many factors. These factors include how much money the defendant was earning, whether there were any dependents, and the extent to which the defendant’s estate provided for the decedent’s needs. The amount of money to be repaid will also depend on what type of damages the defendant’s estate is liable for. This includes the amount that the decedent was paid for the decedent’s services and any other monies that a court might order based on the circumstances of the case.

Points to Consider

While some wrongful death claims result in large sums of money damages, others can result in very small amounts or no damages at all. Even the largest cases can be quite small when compared to criminal charges. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases in which civil wrongs are sought to be recovered, the plaintiff will not be entitled to recover a reasonable amount of money damages. If, however, the victim’s family is seeking monetary compensation for the person’s death, they may be able to recover many of their losses through wrongful death claims.

Most wrongful death suits arise when another person causes a death through negligence or inaction. Negligence or inaction may result in a number of different things including vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and falls, construction or other accidents, domestic violence, use of property that is dangerous, among other things. The personal representatives’ main goal in seeking damages for a wrongful death claim is to seek compensation for lost loved ones and to have those losses covered by insurance or other financial resources.

If the defendant is found to be partially or wholly responsible for a death, the court may award punitive damages. Punitive damages are awarded to take revenge for the suffering suffered by the victim’s family. However, if the defendant is found to be completely or even partly at fault, the court may award emotional damages, which are meant to help alleviate the victim’s loss and pain. In addition to seeking punitive damages in wrongful death cases, the surviving members of the victim’s family may also recover damages for emotional harm caused to them through the defendant’s wrongful actions. The court may also award money damages to compensate the surviving family members for lost wages or medical expenses resulting from the defendant’s negligent actions.

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